Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Feliz navidad, Prospero Año de felicidad!

Christmas Soccer with President Ayre and his family!
 Wow it's extremely hot!  It is so hot that I sweat more sitting down than when I go out and run.... so yes, its hot! But that doesn't stop it from being a great week! Wow it's pretty crazy to see how many blessing one receives as he serves the Lord (especially in the heat) 

Well to start things off today was transfers.... And I'm staying!!! I will be finishing my mission in Virreyes! I'm very excited and looking forward to this upcoming transfer here. Elder Molina is staying as well as my companion. So yeah that's what going on at the moment.

The week was full of great things and wonderful experiences. This week was our Christmas Activity as a mission where we all got together and had a lunch with an awesome devotional! It was held in a giant international school where President's kids go. It was great and we enjoyed our time, all of the missionaries together singing hymns of Christmas and just having a good time.

One of the greatest parts of the week was the chance to chat with my family through skype! It feels like yesterday that I talked with them last mothers day. But it was just great to be able to talk with them, to see them, and enjoy the opportunity. It blessing to have a Senior couple of missionaries in our ward so that we could use their computer. Haha, expensive wifi.

Here in Argentina it can pretty dangerous in the streets during this time of year with the parties and such. So we now have to be in our apartments before 8:30 each night. But until now nothing bad has happened. But better safe than sorry.

Christmas morning I opened up the package that I got, which was full of American goodies! Thanks mom! And then we get a call from the assistants to see if we want to play soccer with them and the secretaries. We said yes and went to the field behind our ward building. When the assistants got there they told us that President Ayre and his family are coming to play with us! It was awesome to play soccer with our mission president and his sons and daughter for Christmas. He made 2 goals on us..... but to tell you the truth I don't think that anybody wanted to play tough with him haha. Still, he plays pretty good for an American.

Today was a crazy day. We got a call from the office elders last night asking if we could do divisions with them for the day (p-day) because it was transfers and one of the office elders had to stay in the offices to coordinate the transfers, and the other had to look at some new pensions for some other elders in Capital (downtown). So me and My comp went with Elder Gonzales all over the place looking for new apartments in the mission car. We didn't really have a pday today but that's what you get when you are the Zone leaders of the office Elders, haha, the whole day running all over the mission! 

As a mission we are pretty excited because this year we were able to help 1878 people be baptized and make covenants with our Heavenly Father. It was a major growth because last year we helped around 1450 people the last year. So we are seeing some great blessings as a mission!

And well it all comes down to the sad fact that this is my last transfer in the mission. I will be finishing my mission here in Virreyes in about 6 weeks. I'm not really sure how I feel about this fact, but all I know is that all I need to worry about is the work. I don't have much time, which only means I need to work even harder while I can.  I love the people of Argentina and I'm stoked to keep on working here. I know that time flies when you are having fun.  I testify that this is true. THE MISSION IS A BLAST! love it while you can!

I'm a witness of Christ, that he is our Savior, that when we let him enter into our lives, everything can change. If we follow him nothing is impossible. Not always easier, But easier. I am his missionary and I love It!
With a ton of Love this new year
Elder Taylor Chriss
Christmas Eve with the mission

All of his planners

Looking for Pensions with Elder Gonzalez

Yum, Burger King!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas Elder Chriss!

What a great day!  Not only did we finally get a white Christmas here in Utah and celebrate the birth of our Savior, we got to talk to Elder Chriss!  I love modern technology!  After a few glitches we finally got a clear, beautiful picture of our handsome Elder!  He was Skyping from the home of some senior missionaries from Farmington Utah.

He looked and sounded fabulous.  It is wonderful to hear how truly happy he is serving our Heavenly Father. He could have talked forever about the people he loves and his experiences as a missionary.  And we could have listened forever.

The best part was, because he has not had an English speaking companion in a very long time, he had a very hard time remembering certain words in English.  He said he is finally fluent in the language and there are very few words he doesn't know.  It was pretty funny watching him figure out how to say things to us.

We learned some new Argentine slang and finally found out what the hand sign was that all of the missionaries in the area use. 

It was so wonderful to have my little family together in one room.  We talked about what he would do when he got home and he dropped a little bombshell on us.  He said that he has been tossing around the idea of going to BYU when he gets home, yes BYU!!!  The sun in Argentina must be baking his brain. LOL!

It's very hard to believe that in 49 short days this wonderful, strong, confident, young man will be home!  He had to admit that he is not looking forward to leaving.  He has fallen in love with the work and the people.  He finally feels that his life makes sense and has a purpose.  What more could a mom ask for!

I personally can't wait for February 12.

Thank you for all of your support of Elder Chriss!  Your thoughts, letters, and prayers are very much appreciated!

Merry Christmas!

Love Lisa

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas is the Best!!!

Elders Hicks and Chriss
How great is life as a missionary? Its just plain fantastic! I love Argentina!  It's full of great people and  a lot of cool stories. 
This week proved to be a roller coaster. First off we found a lot of people to teach and our converts are doing great working with our recent converts, they are helping a lot in the work here. And on the down side, both me and my companion have been super sick this past week. But we got to work and we saw great blessing come through sacrifice.

This next week is transfers! So I will be talking with you the next Tuesday! But other than that all is good, I hope that you all have a great Christmas, that we can all remember the reason that we celebrate. Keep the Savior in your hearts and Remember Him. I'll be talking with my Family the 25th so that is Awesome.
I hope you know how much I love you all. My gift this year is just knowing you are all out in the world doing acts of kindness for others!

Love Elder Taylor Chriss

Elder Molina's Birthday!

Monday, December 15, 2014

It's a Wonderful Life!

If I haven't said it, I'll say it again. I love my mission! It's the greatest place to be, especially during the Christmas season. Yes, it still is scalding hot outside, but the Christmas spirit is still here, haha. Although there aren't lights and decorations all over the place, I talk about Christmas each and every day! I love it!  As I have said before, it's so easy to talk people about Christmas here. It was a week of heat and miracles.
It was a great week and had many experiences to think upon. One great thing was divisions with the other Elders here in Virreyes, I went in an area with Elder Bohn from Texas, he is a really great Elder that is doing really well. He has about 5 months in the mission and loves the work. We spent the day running all over his area teaching and finding new people. And after a hard days work we finally found several people super prepared by the Lord. It was a great experience! We were talking and he said it will be weirrd to finish his mission and it be 2016.... I pause and thought " I said the same about 2015 two years ago haha" Time flies!

We had a great stake conference here in The Stake Litoral. There were several great talks and it was the perfect experience to have investigators in the church. We had several people in the church and they all loved it. One of the talks was about afflictions and how we can overcome them. He talked about "He is the Gift" and how Christ is our gift because he suffered for all the trials and pains that we suffer that because of him we don't need to suffer alone.

I testify of that. In Alma 7:10-12 it talks about Christmas (when he was born) and then what he did for us. This is the gift that he gave us and we can thank him for said gift through our actions and obedience.

Man who knew that it only took 2 years of missionary service to help me understand this haha. I´m so grateful for this time in my life. I know that I learn everyday something that can help me grow. I know that Christ can help all of us make the changes and get over what ever our situation in life.
Keep up the good work and keep on loving one another.
Elder Taylor Chriss

Monday, December 8, 2014

El es la Dadiva!

Baptism of Tomas!
I still don't think I'll get used to singing Christmas songs when its like 90 degrees out side. It's weird. But as we are working and sharing the message of Christ, you can still feel the spirit of Christmas. It was a week full of memorable experiences.

We started off the week with a meeting with President and other leaders of the mission to talk about the vision for our mission and the ways we are going to reach our goals. It was a great meeting where the spirit was really present. This is really a work directed by the Lord. We are focusing on the work we do with our members and the importance of using members to Find, Teach and Baptize. They really change the work here. Plus as a zone we got together to talk about the things that President shared with us and that we could counsel together about how we can achieve the vision. It was awesome and it just got us all very excited to get out side and teach every one we could.

A cool expience was the baptism of Tommy, the child of some investagators who are doing thier paperwork to get married. He is super small and really likes going to the church with his parents. My companion made the joke that if he baptised him he would keep him in the water for 15 minutes.... I want E. Chriss to baptise me! haha All went well I didn't keep him under to long haha.

As the title of my email says, El es la Dadiva,which means He is the Gift. The church is doing a big focus on the true meaning of Christmas and Missionary work. It's really cool to see all of the things the church is doing. But as missionaries we are given pass along cards that say "He is the Gift" and we are talking with all the people about the importance of Christ in our lives. It's working wonders here and it's so great to talk about Christmas to every one. 

Every one should go and see the video that the church has put up. It's really great. It makes me think a lot about this time of year how one day changed all of the eternities. How the night that Christ was born every thing was made better, He was our gift (John 3 16) and this gift can bring us unlimited joy and peace. 

I love my Savior and this month we can all celebrate the time when he was born.  

It was a good week and we still have good weeks to come. I love you all so much and get out there and give the missionaries a referral!

Love Elder Taylor Chriss

Divisions with the Assistants, Elder Wade, Elder Chriss Elder Engebretsen, Elder Molina

The Gran Tigre Zone


Monday, December 1, 2014

What Kind of December is Hot???

Elder Chriss, Elder Molina and Jazmin
Wow it's already December! Can you believe it? I sure can't. But that only means one thing, Christmas!!! Christmas is the best thing in the whole world in the mission. The spirit is so strong this time of year as we testify of Christ and as we invite them to come to his church. 

Up until now we have about 1720 baptisms for the year. Our goal is 2000 so we are up to the last few weeks. We are working real hard to put in our part in the goal.  But if we are going to reach such a goal we need to do things like we never have before. We are talking to more people than we ever have and giving our best efforts. Me and my comp are doing great together. Roman was confirmed this weekend and everything is great with him. He is already doing visits with the other elders in the ward. We are hoping to have  2 baptisms this weekend and our zone is grow substantially and it's great to see the excitement. 
The rain came down this week and washed the missionaries out haha. We had some more flooding this week which was really fun. Today is really cold and the forecast is for scorching hot weather! I still don't believe it is December. 

Several of our converts went to the temple this weekend and had a great time. The ward is really excited for this Christmas season.

I did Divisions with Elder Engebretsen this week. He is now an assistant to the President. He came with me and my comp went with Elder Wade. I had such a great day with Elder Engebretsen. We went all over our area talking with all sorts of people. He taught me a lot and we had a great time. It was super funny to be his comp for the day. The last time we were comps was on the plane leaving for Los Angeles from the MTC. He sure is a great guy and very loving to those he serves.

All in all I love you tons! I hope that you are all well and that you have a good week. I'm safe, I'm happy, I'm doing great.
With Lots of Love
 Elder Taylor Chriss

Monday, November 24, 2014

Why won't the weather stay still?

That's a lot of Elder Chrisses!
I'm so confused here when it comes to the weather... One day it's a cold 40 degrees and need for a light sweater day. And then the next day it is a 90 degrees and no shade to be found day... So let's just say that I don't get it. But even with the crazy weather we are working really hard and seeing great miracles and having wonderful experiences. 

One of the greatest things that happened this week was the baptism of Roman! He was so happy and couldn't wait for his baptism. His mother, who is another recent convert, was ecstatic. The ward is growing and we are seeing great things here in Virreyes.

There was several baptisms this weekend here in our stake and so there was a need for a lot of interviews, so we did a lot of divisions. Plus we needed to get to know a lot of people. There were several changes in the zone because of transfers and we have a super zone this transfer. We have great missionaries and we are really looking forward to the hard work each of us are willing to do. 

We are working a lot with our recent converts and it is showing a lot of results. I have seen the blessings as we help others Endure to the End. Several of our converts have a calling in the church and are really enjoying the spirit that they feel there. So in the end all is well in Zion and I love the work of the Lord. His work is always perfect!

Keep it up, do something good for one another. And Remember that I love you all!

Con Amor,
Elder Taylor Chriss

Elder Chriss, Ramon, Elder Molina!

Alumerzo (Lunch!)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wow, not long now!

I opened my email this morning to find this.  Yes, I am just a little excited!  I may or may not have shed a few happy tears.

He returns home Thursday, February 12 at 10:30 am!!!!

I'm not going to mention it to Elder Chriss.  I don't want to make him "trunky". 

Thanks again for all of your love and support of Elder Chriss.  He LOVES his mission and his Heavenly Father!


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cambios y Apostoles

Walter, Ludmila ,E.Sosa y Yo
What a week! 

I'm really blown away by this week, really I am. I just don't know where to begin, so much happened. I saw an Apostle, Becca Alley, and my companion left me for his homeland, which also leaves me with a new companion. So..... 

I'll start with my comps. Elder Zapata has left me now to go to his new area... called Mexico. So yeah, he's gone. It's so weird to think that he is going home. I'm really happy for him, really thankful for his help, and for such a great transfer together. He is one of the best companions I have ever had. I learned a lot and I know I'm a better person because of him. 

My new companion is Elder Molina from Chile. And yes, he met Elder David Archuletta. He has about 17 months in the mission and is a great guy. This is his first transfer as a Zone Leader but I know he will do great. This makes me Zone leader 1.... I have to lead the zone now. I miss Elder Zapata haha!

And now I'll tell you the story of Sister Becca Alley. So we had the great pleasure of having Elder D. Todd Christofferson come and visit our mission. And this Saturday we heard him speak. We hosted the Mission Buenos Aires West in our mission. Because our zone was in charge of accommodating everything, I was running all over the place and I ran into my old friend Becca Alley! I laughed so hard that after 21 months in the mission I still run into people from home and here in the middle of Argentina haha. Plus I saw Elder Miner! He Just got to the mission and I saw him for the first time the same day. It was a day of Olympus High! Lets go Titans!

As the topic goes, we had the chance to hear from Elder Christofferson. It was so great to hear from an Apostle. The cool thing was that he spoke in Spanish! He served his mission here in Argentina about 50 years ago. Pretty good after that much time. He talked to us about Repentance and the importance of it in our teaching. And he talked about the Atonement. I loved what he said that Repentance and Baptism don't clean us from sin but that Christ is the one who cleans. Without Christ we would have no reason to repent and to baptize. He is the reason it all works. I loved IT!

To end I would just like to share an experience that I had that filled my soul to the brim with the spirit. This past Sunday in the night, we had the farewell for the missionaries that are leaving this transfer. At the end of the meeting there was a super big crowd of people (the converts and member friends of the missionaries who were leaving) and out of the corner of my eye I saw Walter Almada from Campana and one of his daughters. They came to the farewell with Elder Sosa hoping to find me. Well they did. I was so happy to see them We chatted for a while and then Walter told me that he and his family have a goal, and that goal is the temple. In September of 2015 he wants me to be there with them. 

It made me feel so great to see that my converts are doing so well and that they have their eye on the temple. I'm so blessed to have had the chance to know them. They are the best in the whole world.
Well a lot of talking but I hope you are all well and that you all can do something kind for another person. We all need a little help once and a while and you can be the person to answer someones prayers.
I love you All,
Elder Taylor Chriss
Hermana Alley and Me!
Elder Chriss and Hermana Alley - Oly Homecoming 2009

Elder Zapata y Yo En Buenos Aires

Elder Zapata, Aylene and her family, Elder Chriss

Elder Zapata, Gonzalo, Elder Chriss

Monday, November 10, 2014

One Busy Week!

Wow it has been a busy week!  I´m super tired. Full of the spirit but tired. Me and my comp have been working a lot and working hard to find new people to teach. Its really cool to see as the Lord prepares his children. We saw many miracles and we learned a lot about the work of the Lord. 

My companion is funny because when we learn something new he yells, "Why didn´t I learn this 2 years ago!" haha ( Today is his last pday) But really we are growing and adapting to the circumstances.

This week was my first Leadership counsel with the mission. It was great to see all of my good friends. We have 15 zones, and I know almost all of the zone leaders. We focused a lot on our goals. As a mission we are working on a goal of 2000 conversions. Right now we have about 1600 for the year. So we are going for the last push. Its cool to be in this work and to see the growth here in Buenos Aires.
We were very busy because we had 2 baptisms this week on two different days. So most of the week was planing baptisms and filling up the font. For the baptism Saturday we went to fill up the font and there wasn´t water in the whole church.... Well after several hours the water was fixed and everything turned out great. So all is well, Then Sunday they both got confirmed.

Today is the last pday of my comp so with permission of president my comp and I are visiting all sorts of places and taking pics.  That's why I don´t have much time to write. 

But I´m off to help my comp have one last look at the grand city of Buenos Aires.
I forgot my cord, so I´ll have to send you fotos next week! 

I love you all so much and hope you have a good week! Talk to you all later!
Elder Chriss

Monday, November 3, 2014

La Lluvia puede llenar las pilas!

My new mission, Venice!
Well for all of you that don´t understand the title, It says, "The Rain Could Fill the Fonts Here". I say so because its been raining here all week, I´m so wet and the wind has destroyed two umbrellas. Jaja I love the mission.

This week was a week of many surprises and many blessings. So we started the week with one of the hottest days of my life. Elder Zapata and I were walking from appointment to appointment slowly melting in place. As we came up to a house of an investigator a kid was eating an Ice cream. I´m not going to lie that I didn´t think about taking it and shoving it in my mouth. But I thought that might not be the best decision. 

The next day we felt an impression to do divisions with a companionship who are doing good but need a little more help achieving their potential. And it wasn´t that hot in the morning and a bit cloudy. Well the day went well I went with an Elder from Mexico named Elder Franco. He was great and we had a good time. Well about half way though the day the clouds exploded with rain and we got soaked. Then in the night I had to do a Baptismal interview in another area and the rain just got worse and worse. Literally I have never been so wet before in a Shirt and a Tie. But It was good. Refreshing.
The rest of the week was a bit more calm. We got a lot of work done and have been building up our area a lot. But Friday the Clouds said that they still had more water and let us have it. There was so much rain that the streets filled with water, I asked my companion if he was called to serve in Venice, Because I wasn´t haha. Part of the zone was so full of water that the water came up to their waist. We told the missionaries to find a place where they were dry. So we took a hard hit as a zone, due to super water. But I enjoyed it. 

Our investigators are doing great and they are progressing a lot in the gospel. As I´m doing my best to teach to the needs of our investigators I've gained a greater testimony of our Savior. Something came to me the other day. That without Christ we are hopeless and with our a plan. Without Christ every thing we do could not lead to Salvation. I´m truly grateful for my Savior and I´m striving to be like him and to talk about him in every lesson. Sometimes its easy to say that you need to pray and read and everything works out. But in the end Christ is why it all works. He is our every thing. As the scripture says "There is no other name given whereby salvation cometh; therefore, I would that ye should take upon you the name " Mosiah 5:8. I love the work of the Lord and I know that the Savior is our center. He will never leave us to fall.
Hope you all have a great week! 
Love you tons!
Elder Taylor Chriss
Part of our Zone

Look who is on Google Maps, Elder Chriss and Elder Damitz in Pablo Nogues!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Metas y Planes

Azucena and her Grandson Dylan
Hay estamos! Hey guys, how is every thing going? Here things are going great! Virreyes is a great place and I´m enjoying my time a lot. I´m seeing a lot of growth here in the area, in the mission, and and in me.

This week we have been trying to be the most obedient and diligent missionaries that we could be. And wow it brought a lot of blessings. I´m learning a ton from my companion and we are working well together. We are teaching a lot of lessons and helping a lot of people find peace in their lives.

Some of the good news is the Baptism of Azucena and her Grandson Dylan.  They are family of Nazareno who was baptized the week before. So they passed their baptismal interview and are doing awesome. After the interview we asked them if they would like a member to baptism. Azucena laughed and said I want E. Zapata to get wet, so she asked him to do the baptism and Dylan wanted me to baptize him. So it was pretty cool to see another part of a family that I love so much be baptized.

Plus as a zone we reached our goal of baptisms for the month which was 14. As a zone we had 18 for the month. So that was pretty great. We are all really excited for the growth here in the zone. We are doing our best to help all the areas in our zone baptize. We are hoping to have 2 more baptisms this week but we will see how things go. I love this mission!

So we also heard that Elder Christopherson will be coming to our stake conference in a couple of weeks, which is really cool. The ward was really excited when they heard who was going to be coming to the stake conference. But one of the best parts of Church this Sunday was the Primary Program. It was awesome to hear all of the testimonies of the children in Spanish. It's probably the only time I will have a primary program completely in Spanish. So I really enjoyed it.

All is well here in Virreyes, and I hope you all have a good week. Keep up all of the good things you are doing,

With lots of Love
 Elder Taylor Chriss

New Pension

Monday, October 20, 2014


Nazareno's baptism by his uncle
I'm not sure about you guys, but I'm doing fantastic! I'm starting to get the hang of things here in our area, with my comp and as a zone leader. But I have found that as long as I put all my effort into things, the Lord gives great and wondrous blessings. This was a hard work week, but as I have recently said that blessings come from such hard work. 

Now me and my companion were thinking a lot about what we can do to help get excited the zone! 
Well the way that we came up with was doing divisions early in the transfer. But that meant that we needed to do them relatively soon. And so we did three this week. THREE! I practically wasn´t in my area for half of the week! haha. But it was great. I really got to know some of the other areas in the zone and more importantly the Elders that we are serving. Man we have a zone full of great missionaries. 
First off I went with E. Pariquahua from Peru in his area of Tigre, which is that center of tourism here haha. So I heard quite a bit of English during the day. Then 2 days later I went to the other part of Virreyes with Elder Bohn, a newer missionary who is doing great and learning a lot. Even though all of our appointments fell through he still had ideas of what to do. And the next day I went to Don Torcuato with E. Lopez from Honduras. And it was a day that I didn't sit down once. We just didn't have a single appointment that we got to sit down. And E. Lopez got a little lost so I was exhausted. But it was a fun day/week.
 In the Morning of the last divisions we had an interview for an investigator, and every thing went well. His name is Nazareno, He is the nephew of a Recent Convert here. It was awesome that he got baptized also. We are really pumped here. We are working with a lot of people right now. Obedience is the key! But we are hoping to have 2 more baptisms this weekend! So we will see how that goes.
Me and my comp are doing great, I love having the chance to serve with him. He is a great missionary and he makes me laugh a ton. Although he is on his last transfer, he still has the fire and is working until the end.
Today we played Soccer with the zone, But only 4 companionships came.  It was a blast. The Assistants are in our zone, so they came over to play with us. But I'm just plain tired now haha. Life is great in the service our Savior and blesses us in more ways that we can believe. 
For all of those that are thinking about serving a mission.... Do it. It will bless you more than you can ever know.  If you don´t feel ready, Prepare yourself. And if you put all of your faith and dedication into your mission, you will never regret it. I know that I don't.
I love you all so much, keep it up and never quit. The Lord has great things planned for all of us if we just obey and put our trust in him
Elder Taylor Chriss
Argentina Mother's Day Lunch

A really cute kid that bit me... Tuve hambre...dijo!

Monday, October 13, 2014


Elder Chriss' new zone, Tigre.  His new companion is Elder Zapata, second from the left in the front.
Well now that I´m settling in to my new area and getting to know my comp better, I have a lot more to tell you this week. So my companion is named Elder Ramon Zapata. He is from Chihuahua Mexico, and this is his last transfer in the mission. He is a great Missionary and he knows how to work. It's great and he is teaching me a lot. He is really funny and I´m enjoying everyday with him.

My new are is awesome, it's Virreyes1. There are three different areas here in the ward and it's one of the greatest wards ever! It is rather small but it's full of people, A little different than Campana. Our area is super small but that doesn´t stop us from having lots of things to do. We live in a nice pension right next to the Elders of Virreyes 2, Elder Da Silva and Elder Bohn, which is great  because Elder Da Silva  is a district leader so he just comes over to do verifications each night. The other Elders in the ward are the Mission secretaries (Elders who are called to help around the office) so they live closer to the mission offices. But here in the ward there are a lot of people who are full of the Missionary spirit. The ward has recently changed to be a Ward and we are in a new building that is in the center of our area. And there are about 150 people that attend church. That is about three times the people that came to Campana and Pablo Nogues haha. Its a very active ward.
We have about 8 investigators that are progressing here, so we have a lot of work here and things are only growing! I love it here and I´m really happy. We are being obeisant and working really hard. 

The zone is awesome and is full of great missionaries that are dedicated to the Lord. We even have the Assistants to President in our Zone. haha All is pretty great.

I need you all to know that I love you all so much, that I know Jesus Christ is our Savior, and that if we just follow him we will  be blessed and strengthened.

Have a good week and I will keep up on the mission ;)

Elder Taylor Chriss
Elder Chriss and Elder Wilcox at the BA Temple.  Elder Wilcox went to Olympus High.

Saying goodbye to the Castelli family and Campana was hard!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Friday the entire mission got to go to the Buenos Aires Temple.
 Wow this has been a great week and I couldn't be more happy here in the mission. I have been truly blessed to serve here.

But lets talk about the week. First off my companion and I have been really focusing on finding those that the Lord is preparing. And we had great success in our efforts. And not only that but our converts, the Familia Almada, are doing great. Walter the father is preparing to receive the priesthood and the whole family just seems happier. Patricio,  their son, helps us do visits and always is willing to help us contact some one. So everything is going very well with them.
And officially the whole Familia Almada are members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! We had the baptism of their two daughters, Sunday in the morning. In the beginning they didn't want anything with the church, but after the changes that their parents have been making. STRAIGHT TO THE WATER!!! haha. the service was great and the daughters are really happy (Magali and Ludmila) Plus we found several new investigators from them. They have lots of friends that are going to start listening.

And of course I can't forget Conference. I love Conference here in the mission. It's the greatest to help me get pumped. The talks were all so inspired, plus a bonus was that when the speakers spoke in Spanish we could understand them hahah. I loved the idea of having them speak in their native language. It was great to hear their testimonies in Spanish, (the members were thrilled). And to add the cherry on top of this conference.... The Familia Almada went!!! And they loved all the messages, Lucia the mother was very emotional when she heard the prophet speak. I love Converts! 

But the title does suggest that some things are a bit different now. First off we had transfers, and well I'm no longer in the great land of Campana. I was visiting the Familia Almada yesterday and I got a call from President.  He called me to be a Zone leader and that I would be going to a area called Virreyes, in the zone Tigre! my companion will be Elder Zapata de Mexico. I was pretty shocked to hear the call and to tell you the truth sad that I was going to leave Campana. But here comes my new adventure. I'm grateful for this chance to serve and I'll do all I can to live up to the expectations.
I Love my Savior! He is all who I am trying to be and I will follow him anywhere he needs me to go. I love you all and hope that you are doing well. Keep it up and remember that Elder Chriss loves you all!

Con Amor!
Elder Taylor Chriss
The entire family are now members of the church!

Zarate Zone

Elder Chriss is really going to miss these guys!