Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Feliz navidad, Prospero Año de felicidad!

Christmas Soccer with President Ayre and his family!
 Wow it's extremely hot!  It is so hot that I sweat more sitting down than when I go out and run.... so yes, its hot! But that doesn't stop it from being a great week! Wow it's pretty crazy to see how many blessing one receives as he serves the Lord (especially in the heat) 

Well to start things off today was transfers.... And I'm staying!!! I will be finishing my mission in Virreyes! I'm very excited and looking forward to this upcoming transfer here. Elder Molina is staying as well as my companion. So yeah that's what going on at the moment.

The week was full of great things and wonderful experiences. This week was our Christmas Activity as a mission where we all got together and had a lunch with an awesome devotional! It was held in a giant international school where President's kids go. It was great and we enjoyed our time, all of the missionaries together singing hymns of Christmas and just having a good time.

One of the greatest parts of the week was the chance to chat with my family through skype! It feels like yesterday that I talked with them last mothers day. But it was just great to be able to talk with them, to see them, and enjoy the opportunity. It blessing to have a Senior couple of missionaries in our ward so that we could use their computer. Haha, expensive wifi.

Here in Argentina it can pretty dangerous in the streets during this time of year with the parties and such. So we now have to be in our apartments before 8:30 each night. But until now nothing bad has happened. But better safe than sorry.

Christmas morning I opened up the package that I got, which was full of American goodies! Thanks mom! And then we get a call from the assistants to see if we want to play soccer with them and the secretaries. We said yes and went to the field behind our ward building. When the assistants got there they told us that President Ayre and his family are coming to play with us! It was awesome to play soccer with our mission president and his sons and daughter for Christmas. He made 2 goals on us..... but to tell you the truth I don't think that anybody wanted to play tough with him haha. Still, he plays pretty good for an American.

Today was a crazy day. We got a call from the office elders last night asking if we could do divisions with them for the day (p-day) because it was transfers and one of the office elders had to stay in the offices to coordinate the transfers, and the other had to look at some new pensions for some other elders in Capital (downtown). So me and My comp went with Elder Gonzales all over the place looking for new apartments in the mission car. We didn't really have a pday today but that's what you get when you are the Zone leaders of the office Elders, haha, the whole day running all over the mission! 

As a mission we are pretty excited because this year we were able to help 1878 people be baptized and make covenants with our Heavenly Father. It was a major growth because last year we helped around 1450 people the last year. So we are seeing some great blessings as a mission!

And well it all comes down to the sad fact that this is my last transfer in the mission. I will be finishing my mission here in Virreyes in about 6 weeks. I'm not really sure how I feel about this fact, but all I know is that all I need to worry about is the work. I don't have much time, which only means I need to work even harder while I can.  I love the people of Argentina and I'm stoked to keep on working here. I know that time flies when you are having fun.  I testify that this is true. THE MISSION IS A BLAST! love it while you can!

I'm a witness of Christ, that he is our Savior, that when we let him enter into our lives, everything can change. If we follow him nothing is impossible. Not always easier, But easier. I am his missionary and I love It!
With a ton of Love this new year
Elder Taylor Chriss
Christmas Eve with the mission

All of his planners

Looking for Pensions with Elder Gonzalez

Yum, Burger King!

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