Monday, August 26, 2013

6 meses! En la mission!!!

  Can you believe that I have been out on my mission for six whole months!!! I can't believe it myself! Man the saying is true "Time flies when you are having fun".
    Well this is my first week in my new area. And I have to say that I'm loving it here. My new area is really challenging but I know that we can get things going here. I am in LA 3rd ward. Our ward building is the Old LA stake Center!!! This is an awesome building. If you have the time look it up (minus the Missionaries). There is a photo in the hall of Heber J. Grant digging up the Cornerstone in 1928! I am so excited to be working in this ward.
   My new comp is Elder Palomino Nacio en Mexico and was raised in Mesa, AZ. I like him a lot he is obedient and very personable. I am lucky to have him. He has only been out for a year. With me and him we have 4 companionships in the ward. All Elders. This is a great Area.... its actually quite nice and calm!  I'm a little weirded out by it now haha. Elder Palomino's last area was Watts so he is out of his norm as well. My Area is part of Korea Town so there is a large Korean Population, but every one else is Latin so BONUS for us. It is a jumbo sized area and we are on bike so my legs are going to be massive!!!

  We have a great apartment and so far I have been 4 for 4 on no bugs so that makes me happy! It's pretty roomy and the best part of the place..... It has a AC!!! I'm the luckiest person in the whole world haha. Things are working out and I'm so happy.

  So far no cool stories!  Me and Elder Palomino got chased by a dog the other day as we were walking into a members yard for dinner haha. And a super cool thing is that we are starting an English Program in the mission called LA English. This is a way cool English program that we are focusing on to bring people to the church. It has a website and we are passing out flyers to advertise. My comp is going to be one of the teachers for this unit. This is a really exciting thing for missionary work here. Knocking on doors is hard here because of its city like apartments so this is a great way to find people who speak Spanish!!!

   For things from home I would love Pictures to put in my picture book!! And this is for any one who would like to send me some. I am making a collection of pictures of all the great people in my life. Also mom I loved the socks and if you could get a tie for my new comp. Kind of a present for him that would be awesome.

  My spiritual Dulce! for the week is Matt. 5 14-16 Scripture mastery "Ye are the light of the world" This is an awesome scripture for missionary and member alike to remember that we are to be the lights that through our example we can bring people to the gospel. We can talk to people until we are blue in the face but, unless we live it, nobody will change and find the joy that comes from the Gospel.

 This is all from me for this week Ladies and Gentlemen!  Remember that Elder Chriss loves you and prays for you. Life is what we make it. I Hope to hear from you all soon.
Con Gran Amor
    Elder Chriss
PS - Forgot my Camera at home so no pics this week.
Here's a link to the Spanish/English classes he was talking about!
I did a little research on the Church that Elder Chriss is talking about. The stake center, listed as a City of Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument, is as unique among Los Angeles churches today as it was when it was built more than 70 years ago. Its unusual style — art deco with distinctive Spanish themes — was purposely designed by Church architect Harold W. Burton to no specific architectural design so as to avoid dating the building. Brother Burton had also designed the Alberta, Hawaii and Oakland temples.

The interior is unusually ornate for a Latter-day Saint chapel. The stained-glass windows along its north side include Christian emblems such as a dove and chalice as well as images important to Latter-day Saints, such as the beehive, representing industry.

Above the choir seats is a stained-glass representation of "Christ as the Light of the World" from the Victorian painting of the same name by William Holman Hunt (1827-1910). The chapel has its original chandeliers, solid mahogany pews, hand-stenciled walls and timbers and an 18-rank Austin pipe organ. ~Lisa

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

That time again...Transfers!

Elder Chriss and his District.  He's going to miss these people!

Well no news on the Visa this week. But I am moving again! I will be going to Lafayette Square up north and I'm white washing with my new comp Elder Palomino. Not going to lie I wish that I would not leave every transfer. But Ire donde El queire.
This was a pretty long week. We had several service projects this week which was crazy!!! First we helped out a great member family with their yard. We hand tilled the place to get ready for grass. The other service project was yet again a hoarder.... this place was nasty. Just a lot of stuff piled on a lot of stuff. The worst part of that was the spiders.... A million spiders all over the place. This family a family rents out this place and when ever the people don't want to pay rent they leave all of their stuff and run. So she has obtained quite a bit of things over the years. Another funny thing about this place was their ten dogs! They had a pit bull and a husky, and well they had 7 puppies. So this place was covered in dogs. They came from all over the place.

We have been really having a hard time getting people married for several reasons, so me and Elder Abbot have been focusing on strengthening them enough until there marriage can go thru. There is a lot of work to be going on in this area.

There is a lot of big changes going down in this mission. There is a new zone and 18 new areas. This transfer we are getting 42 new missionaries!!!! We are starting a Tongan, Samoan, and Chinese program with their own areas. Things are speeding up, and every one is moving to different locations. Elder Abbott is becoming a district leader and is training a new missionary, so he is getting excited for that.  
Not much to report other than I am doing good here in LA. I will keep you all informed about my Visa when it comes!!!

With Supa lovin
Elder Chriss

Monday, August 12, 2013

Pues... nada este semana! (Well...nothing this week!)

Well another week in the grand City of Los Angeles, and a pretty busy one at that. We had a bunch of lessons this week and a LOT of service. My Spanish has been improving quite a bit, and I am teaching more in each lesson.
To start off the week, Hna Warner was E T'ed(Transferred) up to Hollywood, this is a bummer but the sister that took her area Sis. Oldham is super cool. As the days have been going on the branch as been doing a lot better. The work is definitely been hastening. We have been getting a lot more support from our members and it is fantastic.
We had two big service projects this week. First on Friday morning we had Temple service. Our zone went up to the LA temple and super landscaped, cleaned all the trees, pruned, all that fun stuff. Also did you know that the big field in front of the LA temple is replaced every year with brand new sod? It was all dead when we got there. That was a long day, and we worked our butts off.
The following day my district all went and helped a less active move. He is a super cool guy, named Mike Paque. He is a Army retiree now in the National Guard. We helped him move all of his big stuff, couches, bed, refrigerator, etc. But all was worth the work in the end.

With all of our investigators we don't have much progress. They are all growing spiritually but until we get them married we can't set a baptism date with them. But we are always on the path to get them baptized.
All is well in California. No visa news as of now but I am learning patience the hard way right!! haha!
Well I love you all so much and I am well fed and getting fat.
All is well in the west!!!

Con grand amor
Elder Chriss

I didn't realize he had taken his Tagge's hat!  He loves that thing! He's definitely missing them this summer!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Todavia en Cali!!! (Still in Cali!)

Well no visa news this week to announce!  But I have plenty of other things to talk about for this week. So Guess what? We have 10 investigators!!! WHOOOOO!!! I am so happy that we are seeing success in this area! 7 of them came to church yesterday!! That is one of the hardest things about this work, to get them to come to church.

But yet again 5 of these investigators needs to get married! Haha I'm a little unsure if I'm a missionary or the creepy match making lady in Mulan.

The branch that I am in is starting to bloom, which is awesome. Our Branch mission leader is kicking butt and really helping out the cause. The rest of the leadership is getting there. Last night we had a missionary workshop with the leaders in preparation for next Sunday's workshop with the rest of the members. We are doing this to try and help members see that missionary work isn't scary to do. And to help our investigators have meaningful lessons when we bring these members. With a lot of our member present lessons we will be teaching say the Plan of Salvation and when we ask them to testify the members start talking about tithing or Joseph smith. So we are hoping that this workshop will grow the work and refine it as well.

I am loving it here in Lynwood! All is great! I love the people, my comp, and this opportunity to serve. Our family of 6 we are teaching are awesome. Two of our new investigators are fantastic and have a date for the 25th of Augsto for Baptism!!!

My spiritual Dulce for to day is remember prayer. As a missionary we pray dozens of times a day, but as members we should always remember that we have an ali in this crazy life and all we need to do is ask for his help. No matter the situation, Pray. Prayer is the best thing that we can do when life is dark and when it is bright, we always have something to pray about.

I love you all so much and I hope you are all well. Hope to hear from you soon.
Love! Elder Chriss
Don't fall asleep in church while waiting for it to start! Elder Cisnerose, Latin elder in my District, mugs you haha!!!