Monday, June 30, 2014

The Fog of Campana!

Yes the title is a bit odd, but that is the new thing here in Campana. It is getting colder here and the fog is coming in. That means that we are basically walking around in the clouds haha. It's pretty crazy that there is so much fog that we can´t see a good ten feet in front of us. The whole freeway is just covered in fog so that you can hardly see anything. But although we can´t see anything doesn´t mean that we can´t work haha. This week me and my comp have been changing things up again.
This week me and my comp went through our list of members and Less Actives and looked over all the people that we haven´t visited yet. We found a large amount of people in a part of our area that we have never been to due to how far it is. But we said ¨We don´t have any appointments today... lets go!¨ So we went to Barrio Otamendi!!! And let's just say that we found several miracles.  
Sometime the addresses of the people are pretty hard to find here. The numbers go 142 to 133 to 143 so sometimes we are just running around in circles. But at one house we decided to ask if they knew an in- active member that lived close by. They told us around the corner and the third house on the left. So we went to the third house and clapped, A man came out and greeted us ¨Hello Elders¨. We thought it was the member we were searching for.  Actually it was our new investigator! He told us that he met the the missionaries when he was 12 and he has great memories of the them. He was never baptized but his brother was. We invited him to church and HE came!!!! He is the most humble person and is just plain awesome!!! 
The Lord blesses those that are diligent in finding new people!
We are seeing a lot of great miracles here in our area and in our district. I´m so glad to be here in Argentina. I would not want to be any where else. On other news Argentina Is Playing tomorrow, VAMOS ARGENTINA!!! We are excited here! haha. 
Keep cool and I love you so much!
Elder Taylor Chriss

Monday, June 23, 2014

Ahora Tenemos Frio....

Waiting for the bus in the morning cold!  Glad he has the birthday present mom made for him last year wrapped around his neck!
I hope that everyone had a great week. I know that I sure did!! haha. I swear that I have a lot to say to you. But every time I sit down and start to type I forget everything.... One this is that my comp and I are getting pretty angry at our bikes. We have officially named them Lasarus´s Bikes. Because they die and come back die and come back. It's pretty funny how well the bike shops are used to us. 

But it's just another thing to laugh about.
This week my companion and I worked super hard and well the results didn´t seem to be in our favor. We were not able to have much success. But we know that our diligence will pay off in the end! I love this area because it's so big and there are plenty of opportunities. We are working with a couple of families now and are doing all we can to help them out. 

We did have a cool meeting the other morning in Baradero, a small branch in the middle of no where about an hour and a half away from my area. We had to get a ride from a member to get there haha. Anyway, this meeting was with the missionaries and our Ward mission leaders. It was together with our Stake President on expanding the Missionary Work here in the Zarate Stake! It was a great meeting talking about several of the plans that we have to help our stake grow. Our ward mission leader is a great guy and is helping us a lot! I took a video of the fields of Argentina just to get a better reminder of how cool it is down here haha. 

The temperature is dropping pretty fast. Its a wet cold here so everything that gets cold is more cold and you feel as if every thing is cold. But thanks to my moms scarf that she made me, I´m doing great!
And of Course Argentina won their game this week!!!! It was super funny, me and my comp were on our bikes looking for people to talk to.... during a Argentine Game.... and I look at my comp and say I don´t think Argentina has made a goal yet. (We always know because the people go crazy every time they do) and my comp looks at his watch and says I think that it has ended... Just as he said it, people start going crazy yelling GOALLLLLLL!!! haha Argentina won in the last few seconds.

I want to testify of the power of Comfort that comes from our loving Heavenly Father. I will say that in the mission field it is tough when you have a not to successful week. But I know that the Lord loves me and when I do not succeed now, with Him I will succeed soon!!

Love you all a ton! Do some thing good for one another and Have a great week!!

Elder Taylor Chriss
Super cool sunset in my area plus a barn!

Cleaning out the Font with Elder Henriquez for a baptism!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Vamos Argentina!!!

Elder Chriss and Elder Henriquez
Well I have several topics which I can speak on this week. So my letter will be a little bit more interesting. Just to let you all know I´m doing great. I´m just super happy. The mission is the greatest thing in the world. Every day I have the chance to serve and enjoy. Argentina is a great place full of good people. But I´m not going to lie most are pretty tough and not really accepting. But when you find those that the Lord is preparing everything turns out great! 

I am truly in love with the food! Every time we eat with our members we eat very well. Empanadas and pasta are the greatest things in the whole world. And here it is almost always made by hand! 

This week we had a great meeting in Zarate with the Assistants and President. It was a Zone Conference to talk about what us as a mission are focusing on at this moment. We talked about making better and power commitments with our investigators. President shared a great story from his life how he was working really hard on a project for work that took him 6 months to complete. When he presented the project the Company called him and told him that is was a great project. But at the moment they were going to go with another company's project. He was super down and didn´t know what to do. Then came on a commercial by Micheal Jordan talking about all the failures that he has had in his career. But Micheal is known for being the best because he got back up and kept on playing. This gave Pres. Ayre the strength to keep going and after 16 other failures, he finally succeeded and made a lot of money. Hence the reason he can afford a mission. I love that story because the one of the main focuses in our mission is that when we fail we keep going until we have the success that we need! But one of the best parts of the meeting was after when we all got mail.... I GOT A PACKAGE!!!! I finally got a package! The date that my Mom sent it was the 7th of Feb. hahahaha Slowly but surely I am getting my mail. Thanks mom for the Peanut butter and Captain Moroni Tie haha. 

Also another great that is going on is the World Cup has started. I´m being positive about it although it causes quite a bit of problems. The problem is that people do not want to talk to the missionaries when there is a game going on. And if you're not familiar with the world cup, there are games going on all day. So we don´t have very much time to find new people, only in between the games. Hahah last night was The Argentina game and Fathers day. So we literally had no place to go. Between people gone visiting fathers and the whole country stuck to their TV´s it was pretty hard to find any one to teach haha. 

I´m using my Dwan Argentina tie for every time there is a Argentina Game ha. 

But really all is well I´m loving it here in the mission. My district is doing great we are working hard to help the people of Campana and together we are doing just that. We have an Elder in my District named Elder Henriquez he is super great and is helping me a lot to do the work here in Campana!!!  

Keep up the loving and I will talk with ya next week. 

Lots of love 
Elder Taylor Chriss

Monday, June 9, 2014

Campanita II

An "Official Argentina" Team shirt!
Have you ever had one of those weeks where things went great but not much happened? Well on the good side we Confirmed Adriana. Everything went well with that. She was confirmed by our Ward mission leader. His name is Juan Escalante and is such a great guy, He helps us out a lot! We had 66 people in the Sacrament meeting! This is great because the assistance here is normally lower so the ward is growing a lot. We are seeing more people come back to the church which is great! We are seeing a lot of miracles in our Ward. 
I have spoken a couple times about a family in our area, The Castelli´s. They are great! We went to their house to use skype on Mother's Day and their son is about to serve a mission in Brazil. Well their son Lauti works a lot and at his work they are all getting ready for the World Cup. So they decorated and they bought a bunch of Official Jerseys of the Argentine Team. So he got several at discount and gave one to me and my Companion, haha He is the greatest. Vamos Arriba Argentina!!! SO that was great.
We have been working like crazy people trying to find more people to teach. Contacting on the street asking for referrals and teachin the Gospel! I love missionary work, although we are running into some very interesting people each day haha. Your mission is like a box of Chocolates... We have a great time working with our members not only for referrals but also to take out with us to do visits. I love having a third companion to help the day move. Most of the members here have no problem going out and teaching with us. Lauti Loves going out and helping us. Yesterday we got in Lauti´s car picked up our Ward mission leader and drove all over the place visiting people. Having a car really speeds up the work. Other than that our week was pretty calm. I will take more pictures and some more details next week!
Love you all Tons!
Elder Taylor Chriss
The Zarate Zone

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I Testify of Referrals!

I love being a missionary if I haven´t said it before!! 

This was a great week of Miracles! This was the last week of the transfer and my companion and I wanted to do all we could to finish off the transfer with a bang. And lets just say BANG haha! We worked so hard and rode all over the place. And well diligence pays off.

Adriana was baptized!!! The other day we had her interview with the zone leaders and she did great. Afterwards we asked her who she wanted to baptize her. We gave several names of great members who she has met and befriended. But she said "Elder Chriss can you do it?" So I was blessed with the chance to baptize her! And one of the best parts was that half of the ward was their for her baptism!! Such great help for her to feel part of the ward. Everything went well.

As I said today is transfer day and.... for once nothing changes!!! I´m so glad that for once I don´t need to worry about anything new this week or transfer. Me and Elder Gabriaguez are going to continue working like always and put our confidence in the Lord. 

I really love this area. I just feel so great serving these great members and people. Yes the fields are big, but it sure is worth the view during sunset. The potential of this area is immense and we are just getting started. Not even to mention that we get fed here haha. Yes the stomach is still a big part of who I am. But I know that I am here for a reason and that the Lord knows my reasons for being here!!!

I have Pics this time!!!

Love you all so much and I hope you all have a good week!

Congrats Michael and thank you for your 4 year service in the Military! You are a great example to me!!!

Con super Amor

Élder Táylor Chriss