Monday, June 30, 2014

The Fog of Campana!

Yes the title is a bit odd, but that is the new thing here in Campana. It is getting colder here and the fog is coming in. That means that we are basically walking around in the clouds haha. It's pretty crazy that there is so much fog that we can´t see a good ten feet in front of us. The whole freeway is just covered in fog so that you can hardly see anything. But although we can´t see anything doesn´t mean that we can´t work haha. This week me and my comp have been changing things up again.
This week me and my comp went through our list of members and Less Actives and looked over all the people that we haven´t visited yet. We found a large amount of people in a part of our area that we have never been to due to how far it is. But we said ¨We don´t have any appointments today... lets go!¨ So we went to Barrio Otamendi!!! And let's just say that we found several miracles.  
Sometime the addresses of the people are pretty hard to find here. The numbers go 142 to 133 to 143 so sometimes we are just running around in circles. But at one house we decided to ask if they knew an in- active member that lived close by. They told us around the corner and the third house on the left. So we went to the third house and clapped, A man came out and greeted us ¨Hello Elders¨. We thought it was the member we were searching for.  Actually it was our new investigator! He told us that he met the the missionaries when he was 12 and he has great memories of the them. He was never baptized but his brother was. We invited him to church and HE came!!!! He is the most humble person and is just plain awesome!!! 
The Lord blesses those that are diligent in finding new people!
We are seeing a lot of great miracles here in our area and in our district. I´m so glad to be here in Argentina. I would not want to be any where else. On other news Argentina Is Playing tomorrow, VAMOS ARGENTINA!!! We are excited here! haha. 
Keep cool and I love you so much!
Elder Taylor Chriss

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