Monday, June 16, 2014

Vamos Argentina!!!

Elder Chriss and Elder Henriquez
Well I have several topics which I can speak on this week. So my letter will be a little bit more interesting. Just to let you all know I´m doing great. I´m just super happy. The mission is the greatest thing in the world. Every day I have the chance to serve and enjoy. Argentina is a great place full of good people. But I´m not going to lie most are pretty tough and not really accepting. But when you find those that the Lord is preparing everything turns out great! 

I am truly in love with the food! Every time we eat with our members we eat very well. Empanadas and pasta are the greatest things in the whole world. And here it is almost always made by hand! 

This week we had a great meeting in Zarate with the Assistants and President. It was a Zone Conference to talk about what us as a mission are focusing on at this moment. We talked about making better and power commitments with our investigators. President shared a great story from his life how he was working really hard on a project for work that took him 6 months to complete. When he presented the project the Company called him and told him that is was a great project. But at the moment they were going to go with another company's project. He was super down and didn´t know what to do. Then came on a commercial by Micheal Jordan talking about all the failures that he has had in his career. But Micheal is known for being the best because he got back up and kept on playing. This gave Pres. Ayre the strength to keep going and after 16 other failures, he finally succeeded and made a lot of money. Hence the reason he can afford a mission. I love that story because the one of the main focuses in our mission is that when we fail we keep going until we have the success that we need! But one of the best parts of the meeting was after when we all got mail.... I GOT A PACKAGE!!!! I finally got a package! The date that my Mom sent it was the 7th of Feb. hahahaha Slowly but surely I am getting my mail. Thanks mom for the Peanut butter and Captain Moroni Tie haha. 

Also another great that is going on is the World Cup has started. I´m being positive about it although it causes quite a bit of problems. The problem is that people do not want to talk to the missionaries when there is a game going on. And if you're not familiar with the world cup, there are games going on all day. So we don´t have very much time to find new people, only in between the games. Hahah last night was The Argentina game and Fathers day. So we literally had no place to go. Between people gone visiting fathers and the whole country stuck to their TV´s it was pretty hard to find any one to teach haha. 

I´m using my Dwan Argentina tie for every time there is a Argentina Game ha. 

But really all is well I´m loving it here in the mission. My district is doing great we are working hard to help the people of Campana and together we are doing just that. We have an Elder in my District named Elder Henriquez he is super great and is helping me a lot to do the work here in Campana!!!  

Keep up the loving and I will talk with ya next week. 

Lots of love 
Elder Taylor Chriss

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