Monday, June 23, 2014

Ahora Tenemos Frio....

Waiting for the bus in the morning cold!  Glad he has the birthday present mom made for him last year wrapped around his neck!
I hope that everyone had a great week. I know that I sure did!! haha. I swear that I have a lot to say to you. But every time I sit down and start to type I forget everything.... One this is that my comp and I are getting pretty angry at our bikes. We have officially named them Lasarus´s Bikes. Because they die and come back die and come back. It's pretty funny how well the bike shops are used to us. 

But it's just another thing to laugh about.
This week my companion and I worked super hard and well the results didn´t seem to be in our favor. We were not able to have much success. But we know that our diligence will pay off in the end! I love this area because it's so big and there are plenty of opportunities. We are working with a couple of families now and are doing all we can to help them out. 

We did have a cool meeting the other morning in Baradero, a small branch in the middle of no where about an hour and a half away from my area. We had to get a ride from a member to get there haha. Anyway, this meeting was with the missionaries and our Ward mission leaders. It was together with our Stake President on expanding the Missionary Work here in the Zarate Stake! It was a great meeting talking about several of the plans that we have to help our stake grow. Our ward mission leader is a great guy and is helping us a lot! I took a video of the fields of Argentina just to get a better reminder of how cool it is down here haha. 

The temperature is dropping pretty fast. Its a wet cold here so everything that gets cold is more cold and you feel as if every thing is cold. But thanks to my moms scarf that she made me, I´m doing great!
And of Course Argentina won their game this week!!!! It was super funny, me and my comp were on our bikes looking for people to talk to.... during a Argentine Game.... and I look at my comp and say I don´t think Argentina has made a goal yet. (We always know because the people go crazy every time they do) and my comp looks at his watch and says I think that it has ended... Just as he said it, people start going crazy yelling GOALLLLLLL!!! haha Argentina won in the last few seconds.

I want to testify of the power of Comfort that comes from our loving Heavenly Father. I will say that in the mission field it is tough when you have a not to successful week. But I know that the Lord loves me and when I do not succeed now, with Him I will succeed soon!!

Love you all a ton! Do some thing good for one another and Have a great week!!

Elder Taylor Chriss
Super cool sunset in my area plus a barn!

Cleaning out the Font with Elder Henriquez for a baptism!!!

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