Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Campana for the Gold!

Lauti, President Ayres, and Elder Chriss, oh and Elder Chriss' new haricut!
Well the Transfers are in, and Elder Chriss.... You are staying in Campana with Elder Sosa! This is the longest I will stay in an area in all of my mission so far, haha. But I´m super excited to continue the work here in Campana. The Zone Leaders called and said Elder Chriss You are leaving... You are going to Campana2..... Awwww these leaders and pulling at the heartstrings haah.

Also today in the morning Lautaro Castelli, an awesome youth that has been helping us out a ton, was set apart and left to serve his mission in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was so cool this whole week the family all came together as they prepared their first missionary. The Castelli family are the greatest and I'm so happy for them. They are a convert family and it is such a great testimony of what I´m doing here. I´m helping families to grow together so that one day they can live together forever.
Some other great news is that this past Saturday, Sergio, our recent convert, went to the temple with the ward. He doesn´t have a recommend yet but he went and enjoyed the gardens and the spirit that he felt there. I´m so happy that he could go and enjoy the temple.
Before Lauti left for his mission, he came with us to the Farewell of the missionaries. It was great to see my good friends from the mission and for Lauti to feel the Missionary Spirit there. The Sister missionaries that started the mission with me, are now going home, that was a bit weird to see them leave. But in the end it was a great meeting, and we enjoyed it a lot.
I´m really happy here in my mission, I couldn´t imagine a better place for me to be than here in Argentina. I´m really coming to love the people and I´m looking forward to this upcoming transfer and I will keep you filled in on all the Miracles that the Lord is sending our way.

With a lot of love, 
Elder Taylor Chriss
At Lauti's Farewell

The Del Monte Family I love ummm!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Really Quick!

Hey all! Sorry that this is a really small letter, but today all of the places to write in are closed. It is the anniversary of the the death of San Martin the man who liberated Argentina, Chile and Peru from the Spanish. So of couse nothing in Campana is open.
This was a great week here in peaceful old Campana. I had a lot of paper work to do so I went to Capital to do it. It's a great place. Here in our area we are finding alot of investigators and teaching a lot more. We are excited about the work in our area. 
This next week is transfers so I will be writing you all Tuesday next week. I´ll let you know if any thing happens. Sorry again that this is a short message. It's hard being in a small town with very few options of writing. I´m good and happy so don´t worry about me 

Love you all 
E. Taylor Chriss

Monday, August 11, 2014

Can't keep me in one place!

Bienvenido a Uruguay!
What a week of crazy traveling! I have to say that I'm super tired. But that's a good tired. The type of tired that says "good job for working hard". As I like to tell my companion "Elder don´t worry, you can sleep when you get home." He still has a little over a year until he gets home haha. 

Wow we are raising the bar here in the Zarate Zone. We are focusing on contacting the most amount of referrals that we can. For those that don´t know, here in our mission we don´t knock doors. We focus on working with members and the referrals they give. So we are getting really good at asking for referrals.  

But the coolest news of the week was my recent trip to Uruguay. Like I said the last week, I had to leave the country for some visa papers to take affect. So this past Tuesday I and about 30 other missionaries from the mission Buenos Aires North went to Colonia, Uruguay for the day. It was awesome and one of the best P-days ever haha. We visited some cool historical places and a cool old fort. We ate some typical food from Uruguay. It was a steak with ham, bacon, and and egg on top. It was so good. The food made it all worth it. We spent almost the whole day there. It was super cool and I´m so glad to have had the experience. 
Because I´m in the farthest zone in the mission, me and two other elders had to come down and stay the night with the Office Elders so that we could make it in time. Then after we got back from Uruguay we just stayed with the Office Elders again because Ihad a meeting with all the other District Leaders. So it was kinda crazy. I wasn´t in my area for 2 1/2 days. Plus my companion stayed in Zarate while I was gone, so our area was empty. 
But we came back and worked like crazy to make up the days that we missed. And the blessings came as we got to work. I´m so glad to be here in the mission. It's full of ups and downs. But all of the downs are worth it when we have our ups. MAS VALE!! 
I love you all and I want you to know that the work of the Lord is always worth it. Now go out there help your fellow man and give a missionary a referral!!!
Love you all so much!
Elder Taylor Chriss
Sunrise in Buenos Aires! (And a Canadian Photo Bomb!)


Monday, August 4, 2014

Tramites y Viajes (Procedures and Travel)

Argentina is just great! We are working a bunch here to help every child of God.  First off, without bikes we are walking a ton and using buses so we are becoming more effective in the areas that we go. My legs are killing me... But its very satisfying to come back and the end of the day and know the pain is a day of hard work haha.
I´m not going to lie, not much happened this week. We talked to a bunch of people but not many worked out. Our members have been getting excited about the missionary work here in the ward because one of the youth in the ward is getting ready to leave on a mission soon. So we are using that to get things done up here. 
One of the weird things about Campana, is that during the day we will be walking around and a horse will just pass in front of us in the middle of no where. Yes it is a modern town and all but for some reason horses run free and their are no owners to them.... haha Argentina, land of random horses.
So some crazy news! I´m still dealing with visa papers and problems, so the other day I had to go to Buenos Aires to do some paperwork, and tomorrow I´m going to Uruguay so that the paperwork can take effect. So I¨M OFF TO URUGUAY!!! well only for the day, I´m going to cross the river, and then later in the day come back to Argentina. It's going to be awesome. Not many people can say that they served in 3 countries in their whole mission haha. So I will let you know how that goes.
I´m so happy in the mission, not for success or for the area, but because I wake up each day with a purpose that matters. I love my Savior and I wish you all a great week.
Elder Taylor Chriss