Monday, August 4, 2014

Tramites y Viajes (Procedures and Travel)

Argentina is just great! We are working a bunch here to help every child of God.  First off, without bikes we are walking a ton and using buses so we are becoming more effective in the areas that we go. My legs are killing me... But its very satisfying to come back and the end of the day and know the pain is a day of hard work haha.
I´m not going to lie, not much happened this week. We talked to a bunch of people but not many worked out. Our members have been getting excited about the missionary work here in the ward because one of the youth in the ward is getting ready to leave on a mission soon. So we are using that to get things done up here. 
One of the weird things about Campana, is that during the day we will be walking around and a horse will just pass in front of us in the middle of no where. Yes it is a modern town and all but for some reason horses run free and their are no owners to them.... haha Argentina, land of random horses.
So some crazy news! I´m still dealing with visa papers and problems, so the other day I had to go to Buenos Aires to do some paperwork, and tomorrow I´m going to Uruguay so that the paperwork can take effect. So I¨M OFF TO URUGUAY!!! well only for the day, I´m going to cross the river, and then later in the day come back to Argentina. It's going to be awesome. Not many people can say that they served in 3 countries in their whole mission haha. So I will let you know how that goes.
I´m so happy in the mission, not for success or for the area, but because I wake up each day with a purpose that matters. I love my Savior and I wish you all a great week.
Elder Taylor Chriss

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