Monday, August 11, 2014

Can't keep me in one place!

Bienvenido a Uruguay!
What a week of crazy traveling! I have to say that I'm super tired. But that's a good tired. The type of tired that says "good job for working hard". As I like to tell my companion "Elder don´t worry, you can sleep when you get home." He still has a little over a year until he gets home haha. 

Wow we are raising the bar here in the Zarate Zone. We are focusing on contacting the most amount of referrals that we can. For those that don´t know, here in our mission we don´t knock doors. We focus on working with members and the referrals they give. So we are getting really good at asking for referrals.  

But the coolest news of the week was my recent trip to Uruguay. Like I said the last week, I had to leave the country for some visa papers to take affect. So this past Tuesday I and about 30 other missionaries from the mission Buenos Aires North went to Colonia, Uruguay for the day. It was awesome and one of the best P-days ever haha. We visited some cool historical places and a cool old fort. We ate some typical food from Uruguay. It was a steak with ham, bacon, and and egg on top. It was so good. The food made it all worth it. We spent almost the whole day there. It was super cool and I´m so glad to have had the experience. 
Because I´m in the farthest zone in the mission, me and two other elders had to come down and stay the night with the Office Elders so that we could make it in time. Then after we got back from Uruguay we just stayed with the Office Elders again because Ihad a meeting with all the other District Leaders. So it was kinda crazy. I wasn´t in my area for 2 1/2 days. Plus my companion stayed in Zarate while I was gone, so our area was empty. 
But we came back and worked like crazy to make up the days that we missed. And the blessings came as we got to work. I´m so glad to be here in the mission. It's full of ups and downs. But all of the downs are worth it when we have our ups. MAS VALE!! 
I love you all and I want you to know that the work of the Lord is always worth it. Now go out there help your fellow man and give a missionary a referral!!!
Love you all so much!
Elder Taylor Chriss
Sunrise in Buenos Aires! (And a Canadian Photo Bomb!)


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