Monday, August 18, 2014

Really Quick!

Hey all! Sorry that this is a really small letter, but today all of the places to write in are closed. It is the anniversary of the the death of San Martin the man who liberated Argentina, Chile and Peru from the Spanish. So of couse nothing in Campana is open.
This was a great week here in peaceful old Campana. I had a lot of paper work to do so I went to Capital to do it. It's a great place. Here in our area we are finding alot of investigators and teaching a lot more. We are excited about the work in our area. 
This next week is transfers so I will be writing you all Tuesday next week. I´ll let you know if any thing happens. Sorry again that this is a short message. It's hard being in a small town with very few options of writing. I´m good and happy so don´t worry about me 

Love you all 
E. Taylor Chriss

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