Monday, April 29, 2013

Adios Elder Chacon!

     Hey every one! Its so awesome to talk to you all. I have 20 minutes so this may be short as well. Today was beach P-day and we ran out of time. I am loving the field so far.  Unfortunately Elder Chacon went home for family stuff. My new comp is Elder Marin from Texas. We are living in a small garage converted into an apartment. Its fine by me.  I have about 5 other sets of missionaries in my District. 
     The best part of my week is the time i get to open my my mail.... Monday (P-Day). Worst part is when we get our mail but can't open it. My spanish is coming along. I still have no idea what the people are saying to me. But it will come. I am in a bike area, it's awesome. I love riding a bike. I'm working my legs like crazy. We live in a great neighborhood I love all the people its pretty relaxed area. I don't need anything at the moment. I just wish I had the opportunity to just talk with you all more. I'm just trying to be as obedient as I can to every thing. 
     I don't have Pics yet cause I am super unprepared. Also sorry to my blog its pretty bare because I haven't been sending much home. But I promise to be better. I really miss every one and I hope everything is going well I wish could talk more with you but I need to go. I PROMISE I WILL DO BETTER. 
With all my love and prayers.
           Elder Chriss
Elder Chriss apologizes if he doesn't get back to anyone.  He literally has not had anytime to reply.  But he really appreciates your letters and kind words. They mean the world to him!

The California Los Angeles Mission Central Zone enjoying a day at the beach!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Meet the Bakers!

23 April 2013

Dear Brother and Sister Chriss,

Elder Taylor Michael Chriss arrived safely to this mission 17 April 2013.  After prayerful consideration, Elder Jason Jesus Chacon was selected to be his companion.  We make every effort to assign only the very best missionaries to be trainers, as these first few months are critical in the life of a new missionary.   Enclosed are pictures of Elder Chriss with his companion, Sister Baker and me.

During the course of his mission he will be transferred from place to place; therefore, we ask that all his mail be sent to:

Elder Taylor Michael Chriss
1591 East Temple Way                
California Los Angeles Mission
Los Angeles, CA 90024-5801

We are excited and grateful to have Elder Chriss serve in the California Los Angeles Mission.  Our desire is to help him succeed and magnify his calling.  We will do everything possible to see that he remains healthy, actively engaged, challenged, and happy in his missionary labors.  Please be assured that his welfare and happiness are of primary concern to us.  For ongoing and up-to-date information on this mission, you can visit our mission blog:

The enclosed information answers many of the questions frequently asked. Should you have any questions or concerns during the course of Elder Chriss’ mission, please do not hesitate to contact  me.

Sincerely yours,
Stephen R. Baker, President
California Los Angeles Mission

Monday, April 22, 2013

They're just happy I'm not a Jehovah's Witness!

    Hey everyone! I'm doing great here in L.A I am so excited to be finally in the field. My companion is Elder Chacon from South Jordan originally from Venezuela. It has been a pretty crazy time here. I'm loving it. I am serving in the Hawthorn Area of the City, Spanish speaking. I don't have much time because I am using a Library computer and I have only 15 minutes, but i will type like crazy. 
    Thank you all for the loving B-day wishes and mom thank you for the gifts. Yes I did wait to open them. We are hard at work here in L.A we have been white washing it, meaning starting an area with 2 Elders in a smaller area for more work in a specific area. 
    I have been fed like crazy and i am so grateful for all the support of the wonderful members here. I am assigned to the Inglewood 2nd ward along with my whole district!!! The Spanish is coming slow but its coming. I hate not having much time and to tell you the truth I don't really know what to say. I have been going around the area preaching and just getting the feel of what missionary work is all about. I have one investigator so far and several to come. 
    To my family I was so happy to be able to call you at the airport, I miss you all so much but I know this work is worth it. Its so cool to be a missionary in LA most people are friendly and just grateful you not a Jehovah's witness.... I love all the people in my zone they are super cool and experienced. Elder Engebretsen is in a different zone than I am I hope that I will see him soon. This is definitely different than Utah but things are great here. I will try and write some letters to you all but my day is crazy and I don't have a lot of time. The Mission rules are pretty strict. Well I love you and I will try and send more soon.
Love Elder Chriss
   PS - I came down with Michelle Warner but I haven't seen her in a while.

Elder Chriss is serving in the Central Zone (Spanish Speaking) in the Inglewood 2nd Ward!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

He's a CLAMmer!

Elder Casey from Utah, Elder Christian from Idaho, Elder Crane from Georgia, Elder Davey from Utah, Elder Ericksen from Utah, Elder Harris from Wales, Elder Moon from South Korea, Elder Spencer from Idaho, and Elder Tupouata from Tonga, have joined the CLAM along with Visa Waiters Elder Anglade from Utah, Elder Chriss from Utah, Elder Clawson from Nevada, and Elder Engebretsen from Utah.

Sister Blair from Utah, Sister Ford from Washington, Sister Harrison from Kentucky, Sister Lyman from Utah, Sister Sister Oldham from Arkansas, Sister Petersen from Alabama, Sister Powell from Utah, Sister Rudd from Idaho, Sister Warner from Utah, Sister Wright from Colorado, Sister Young from Utah, and Sister Zollinger from North Dakota 
have joined the CLAM.

We received a wonderful phone call this morning from Elder Chriss!!!  He was just about to board his flight for Los Angeles. He was traveling with fellow Titan Michelle Warner and three other Buenos Aires North visa waiters!  I don't know if he was more excited about leaving for LA or eating at Cafe Rio!  The CLAM (California Los Angeles Mission)got 26 new missionaries today, 13 Elders and 13 Sisters. 

The California Los Angeles Mission Home is located on the grounds of the beautiful
 Los Angeles Temple.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

He sounds great!!!

We got to hear from Taylor today!!!!  Because he is being temporarily reassigned to Los Angeles he was able to call and let us know his travel plans.  He sounds so old.  I didn't even realize it was him on the phone.  He is so excited to leave, but sad that he has to say goodbye to his companion, Elder Williams, on Monday.  He is being reassigned to Tampa. He loves is room mates and it is going to be hard to say goodbye to them!  He will be on the same flight as his friend from Oly, Michelle Warner, who is serving in the Los Angeles Mission, Spanish speaking.   It was only five minutes, but it was priceless!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Week. . . . I don't remember!!! But big news!!!

Elder Chriss and his room mates are finally leaving the MTC!!! Elder Chriss and Elder Engebretson are going to Los Angeles, Elder Williams is going to Tampa, Florida, and Elder Hankins is going to Charlotte, North Carolina.  They leave on Wednesday, April 17.  God be with you until you meet again in Buenos Aires!

I am so happy right now that i can't even hold it!   No I didn't receive my Visa but I did just get re-assigned I'M GETTING OUT AND SERVING THE PEOPLE OF LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA!!!!! I am so exited to serve. I leave this up coming Wednesday. We have been just chilling for this past week. Since our sisters left it has been us four elders and our teachers, Not knowing what is the plan has been a bit difficult.
   We did have our visit in Salt Lake City with the Consulate this past Tuesday, We had our meeting in the Joseph Smith building. He was a great guy who told us all about the wonderful country of Argentina. He looked at my fingerprints I signed a couple of papers and then I sat back down. It wasn't the most eventful meeting of the year but it was one step closer to Argentina. After the meeting we ate at the Nauvoo Cafe. It was the best food of all time, its like on fast Sunday when you fast all day and then the food is the most fantastic thing of all time. In this scene it was mediocre food for 6 weeks and then normal food.  All I have to say is Wow!  It was weird seeing my home as I passed through Salt Lake but I wasn't home sick at all.

   Conference is on my mind big time lately. It was the best thing ever watching the latter day prophets speak to you in a room of over 3000 missionaries. I'm not sure about you all but they seemed to do a lot of talks on missionary work. Several were on obedience. This was a great conference. Every talk taught me something and I felt the spirit so strong. Later that night we had a devotional given by the group Vocal point. They are such good singers and they brought the spirit so quickly to a giant room. 
     I am truly gaining a testimony of one the Atonement and this week Music. When ever the Congregation would sing in conference we as a MTC would as well. Our voices combined with the whole Conference Center was amazing. So far my favorite experience with music here has been when we sing "Bring the world his truth" we sang it the other night as a MTC and I had the biggest goose bumps afterwards. The best part is that they change the words in parts, Like instead of "we are as the Army of Helaman" we sing " We are the Army of Helaman" also the most powerful part is when they change. We are as the lords missionaries" to " We are Now the lords missionaries to bring the world his truth" it is fantastic right?

   My Spanish is super mayor The "Don de Lenguas" is so true holy cow i am blessed. Only having 4 Elders and 2 Teachers we are learning a lot. Yesterday we were talking (in Spanish) about our first week here and how we knew nothing and we had the hardest time understanding anything our teacher was saying. She only spoke Spanish not a wink of English, and know we are having full on conversations with our teachers. Funny how things work when you are influenced by the spirit. Still I hate Subjuctive..... its evil. But other than that I LOVE IT. Life is great here when you speak your language all the time. 
As always I Thank you and enjoy all the letters and packages. Yes Mom i am waiting to open my B-day presents.

   Yo se JesuCristo es mi Salvador, mi Redentor. Estoy muy feliz en el obra de missionarios, mi vida habia nunca meyor. Dios es mi Padre Celectial. Ire(accent over e) cualquier lugares por mi senor. Amo mi familia mucho, Amo mi Cumpanero, Amo mi oportunidad servir un mission en Los Angeles hora y Argentina en el futuro. Gratias por todo el Amor. Yo se La Iglesia De Jesucristo de los santos de los Ultimos Dias es la iglesia verdadera.

                                                                                                       Adios, Elder Chriss
PS - Ohhh it totally forgot Elder Williams is going to Tampa, Florida..... Elder Engebretson is going to Los Angeles as well, and then Elder Hankins is going to Charlotte North Carolina.

One of the new Elders Elder Chriss hosted.

Elder Rhees Johnson from Oly!

Elder Chriss and his Zone

Sisters heading to Texas Spanish Speaking!

Elder Chriss and his zone and their teachers

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Getting close!

    It has been five weeks so far. And I'm not regreting a thing. Gots to love it. So some news about my visa. We have a meeting with the consolate in Salt Lake City this upcoming Tuesday. We were finger printed a couple of days ago. This isn't a for sure thing but we are just that much closer to Argentina. I'm exited to meet him and learn more about the beautiful country of Argentina. We will most likely get reassigned some where for a little while but at the moment me E. Williams, Engebretsen, and Hankins are just waiting to see what happens.

   This past sunday was Easter in the MTC. All I have to say was wow! We had the presiding Bishop, Bishop Causse speak to us and we took the sacrament. Three thousnad missionaries all taking of the emblem this day in one room, such a spiritual experience. My district sang "señor te nessisito" for our farwell song. This was our last Sunday with our zone, because this Sunday is conference. We finish off the night by having a great talk by Sheri Dew. Then watched a wonderful... no the best talk ever Its called " Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar. Look it up it changed my mission and I know it can change your life.

     Things are moving fast around here, especially because of the possibility of leaving for the field. My mind is exhausted because so much spanish is being shoveled into my brain before we leave. Subjunctive is not my friend right now, maybe later. I'm so grateful for my teachers HNA. Platt and HNA. Bradley they are wonderful teachers who truly care for us. 
     I had the opportunity of hosting again yesterday. What a great experience, to help all the new missionaries as they start there missions off. I know how scary it can be so I just want to be there just as mine was there for me. I hosted three Elders. One going to Vancouver another to Paris and my last to Mexico. I saw Jake Durham, Clayson Knight and a girl I preformed with in "A brand new year".

    Every day I get more and more excited for the field. The closer I get the happier I get. We have been hearing stories about the field and it gets us stoked. From what I've heard and I completely know is it is going to be way hard. I know this but I have no worries because I have the lord on my side and I know he will guide me. I have never been so excited for anything else. Also my heart is at peacte and my spirit is calm. My Scripture for the week is 2 Nephi 5:13 Awesome Eternal life scripture. 
   All of the HNAs are leaving this Tuesday so me and the Elders are going to be all alone for a while. I have gained 10 lbs. so far here in 5 weeks nuts!!!! Lots of food it the culprit. Elder Engebretsen's girl just got here call to Montivideo, Urguay.... Right across the river from him. We are so happy for her. 
  I'm not sure if i said this last week but I have started a new B.O.M for the MTC and i'm marking it like crazy. I suggest you all try and do the same. Just get a simple 2 dollar BOM and read and mark it.  Once you are done start again. after a bunch of time you will have several BOM's that will be marked in different ways because you notice something different each time you read it. My last Challenge for you is to do what Hna. Platt had us do for Pasqua.... Easter, Get a Jolly rancher and as you start your prayer put it in your mouth, now as suck on that candy pray about the Atonement of Christ until that sucker is all gone. Pray in thanks Pray in pleads Pray in respect. This was a great experience for me as I truly reflected on the great blessings the savior has given me through the Atonement.

   I thank You all for the great letters and the great packages (mom) keep them comin. Share my blog with people so that they can experince the wonderful blessings of my mission.
 Yo sé que Jesucristo es mi salvador y redentor. Yo sé que José Smith fue un profeta de Dios. Yo sé mi mission es inspirado. yo sé cuando estoy digno puedo recibir mucho bendiciones y el espiritu Santo. Y cuando oro a mi Padre Celectial seinto mucho paz y consuelo. Estoy my agradecio para la oportunidad servir un mission para la personas de Argentina. Yo sé Jesucristo morio por mi pecados y por todos personas pecados. yo dige el nombre de Jesucristo Amen.