Thursday, April 11, 2013

Week. . . . I don't remember!!! But big news!!!

Elder Chriss and his room mates are finally leaving the MTC!!! Elder Chriss and Elder Engebretson are going to Los Angeles, Elder Williams is going to Tampa, Florida, and Elder Hankins is going to Charlotte, North Carolina.  They leave on Wednesday, April 17.  God be with you until you meet again in Buenos Aires!

I am so happy right now that i can't even hold it!   No I didn't receive my Visa but I did just get re-assigned I'M GETTING OUT AND SERVING THE PEOPLE OF LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA!!!!! I am so exited to serve. I leave this up coming Wednesday. We have been just chilling for this past week. Since our sisters left it has been us four elders and our teachers, Not knowing what is the plan has been a bit difficult.
   We did have our visit in Salt Lake City with the Consulate this past Tuesday, We had our meeting in the Joseph Smith building. He was a great guy who told us all about the wonderful country of Argentina. He looked at my fingerprints I signed a couple of papers and then I sat back down. It wasn't the most eventful meeting of the year but it was one step closer to Argentina. After the meeting we ate at the Nauvoo Cafe. It was the best food of all time, its like on fast Sunday when you fast all day and then the food is the most fantastic thing of all time. In this scene it was mediocre food for 6 weeks and then normal food.  All I have to say is Wow!  It was weird seeing my home as I passed through Salt Lake but I wasn't home sick at all.

   Conference is on my mind big time lately. It was the best thing ever watching the latter day prophets speak to you in a room of over 3000 missionaries. I'm not sure about you all but they seemed to do a lot of talks on missionary work. Several were on obedience. This was a great conference. Every talk taught me something and I felt the spirit so strong. Later that night we had a devotional given by the group Vocal point. They are such good singers and they brought the spirit so quickly to a giant room. 
     I am truly gaining a testimony of one the Atonement and this week Music. When ever the Congregation would sing in conference we as a MTC would as well. Our voices combined with the whole Conference Center was amazing. So far my favorite experience with music here has been when we sing "Bring the world his truth" we sang it the other night as a MTC and I had the biggest goose bumps afterwards. The best part is that they change the words in parts, Like instead of "we are as the Army of Helaman" we sing " We are the Army of Helaman" also the most powerful part is when they change. We are as the lords missionaries" to " We are Now the lords missionaries to bring the world his truth" it is fantastic right?

   My Spanish is super mayor The "Don de Lenguas" is so true holy cow i am blessed. Only having 4 Elders and 2 Teachers we are learning a lot. Yesterday we were talking (in Spanish) about our first week here and how we knew nothing and we had the hardest time understanding anything our teacher was saying. She only spoke Spanish not a wink of English, and know we are having full on conversations with our teachers. Funny how things work when you are influenced by the spirit. Still I hate Subjuctive..... its evil. But other than that I LOVE IT. Life is great here when you speak your language all the time. 
As always I Thank you and enjoy all the letters and packages. Yes Mom i am waiting to open my B-day presents.

   Yo se JesuCristo es mi Salvador, mi Redentor. Estoy muy feliz en el obra de missionarios, mi vida habia nunca meyor. Dios es mi Padre Celectial. Ire(accent over e) cualquier lugares por mi senor. Amo mi familia mucho, Amo mi Cumpanero, Amo mi oportunidad servir un mission en Los Angeles hora y Argentina en el futuro. Gratias por todo el Amor. Yo se La Iglesia De Jesucristo de los santos de los Ultimos Dias es la iglesia verdadera.

                                                                                                       Adios, Elder Chriss
PS - Ohhh it totally forgot Elder Williams is going to Tampa, Florida..... Elder Engebretson is going to Los Angeles as well, and then Elder Hankins is going to Charlotte North Carolina.

One of the new Elders Elder Chriss hosted.

Elder Rhees Johnson from Oly!

Elder Chriss and his Zone

Sisters heading to Texas Spanish Speaking!

Elder Chriss and his zone and their teachers

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