Thursday, April 4, 2013

Getting close!

    It has been five weeks so far. And I'm not regreting a thing. Gots to love it. So some news about my visa. We have a meeting with the consolate in Salt Lake City this upcoming Tuesday. We were finger printed a couple of days ago. This isn't a for sure thing but we are just that much closer to Argentina. I'm exited to meet him and learn more about the beautiful country of Argentina. We will most likely get reassigned some where for a little while but at the moment me E. Williams, Engebretsen, and Hankins are just waiting to see what happens.

   This past sunday was Easter in the MTC. All I have to say was wow! We had the presiding Bishop, Bishop Causse speak to us and we took the sacrament. Three thousnad missionaries all taking of the emblem this day in one room, such a spiritual experience. My district sang "señor te nessisito" for our farwell song. This was our last Sunday with our zone, because this Sunday is conference. We finish off the night by having a great talk by Sheri Dew. Then watched a wonderful... no the best talk ever Its called " Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar. Look it up it changed my mission and I know it can change your life.

     Things are moving fast around here, especially because of the possibility of leaving for the field. My mind is exhausted because so much spanish is being shoveled into my brain before we leave. Subjunctive is not my friend right now, maybe later. I'm so grateful for my teachers HNA. Platt and HNA. Bradley they are wonderful teachers who truly care for us. 
     I had the opportunity of hosting again yesterday. What a great experience, to help all the new missionaries as they start there missions off. I know how scary it can be so I just want to be there just as mine was there for me. I hosted three Elders. One going to Vancouver another to Paris and my last to Mexico. I saw Jake Durham, Clayson Knight and a girl I preformed with in "A brand new year".

    Every day I get more and more excited for the field. The closer I get the happier I get. We have been hearing stories about the field and it gets us stoked. From what I've heard and I completely know is it is going to be way hard. I know this but I have no worries because I have the lord on my side and I know he will guide me. I have never been so excited for anything else. Also my heart is at peacte and my spirit is calm. My Scripture for the week is 2 Nephi 5:13 Awesome Eternal life scripture. 
   All of the HNAs are leaving this Tuesday so me and the Elders are going to be all alone for a while. I have gained 10 lbs. so far here in 5 weeks nuts!!!! Lots of food it the culprit. Elder Engebretsen's girl just got here call to Montivideo, Urguay.... Right across the river from him. We are so happy for her. 
  I'm not sure if i said this last week but I have started a new B.O.M for the MTC and i'm marking it like crazy. I suggest you all try and do the same. Just get a simple 2 dollar BOM and read and mark it.  Once you are done start again. after a bunch of time you will have several BOM's that will be marked in different ways because you notice something different each time you read it. My last Challenge for you is to do what Hna. Platt had us do for Pasqua.... Easter, Get a Jolly rancher and as you start your prayer put it in your mouth, now as suck on that candy pray about the Atonement of Christ until that sucker is all gone. Pray in thanks Pray in pleads Pray in respect. This was a great experience for me as I truly reflected on the great blessings the savior has given me through the Atonement.

   I thank You all for the great letters and the great packages (mom) keep them comin. Share my blog with people so that they can experince the wonderful blessings of my mission.
 Yo sé que Jesucristo es mi salvador y redentor. Yo sé que José Smith fue un profeta de Dios. Yo sé mi mission es inspirado. yo sé cuando estoy digno puedo recibir mucho bendiciones y el espiritu Santo. Y cuando oro a mi Padre Celectial seinto mucho paz y consuelo. Estoy my agradecio para la oportunidad servir un mission para la personas de Argentina. Yo sé Jesucristo morio por mi pecados y por todos personas pecados. yo dige el nombre de Jesucristo Amen.

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