Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Easters!

Hey everybody! Wow I can't believe its been a whole month since I've started my mission. Yesterday I had the opportunity to be a host for the first time. It was funny because that was so long ago but it felt like just yesterday. The best experience was reassuring  the mothers that we would take special care of their missionaries.... spiritually and physically.  The food isn't that great but they will be well taken care of. 

My spanish is más meyor!!! My classes are getting easier and easier mainly because I can understand my teacher. Me and Elder Williams have been having some great success with our investigators also because we can understand them. Every experience I have here the happier I am getting, Thank you all so much for the loving letters. I know that with the spirit I will make you proud. 

No word on our VISA´s yet but we are keeping our fingers crossed. In the end if we go stateside for a month that is no problem. "I will go where he wants me to go."

With Easter coming up things are all based on the atonement. Its fantastic! That has been my main focus so far in my mission, to understand the Atonement a lot better. My Maesta Hna. Platt told us something that has really helped me during my time here. The Atonement doesn´t just reach to those that have sinned but to those that are down troddened, angry, abused, or just sad. The Atonement reaches to all that are in need. 
With the the MTC there isn´t a lot to be disappointed or frustrated about. Yes the language is difficult and the stress over your investigators can be tough but it is nothing to get upset about. I was reading in D&C 121 v. 1-7 Its when Joseph asks "God where art thou" he is sad and downtrodden over the mistreatment of his people and himself. later he gets the answer of comfort and of support. Later in 122 A part reads "are thou greater than he". Our Savior Died for us and took upon him the sins of the world. How can we complain and think our problems are unbearable when Christ took upon my pain and emotions than anyone could ever endure. Our lives maybe tough but through the atonement of Christ we can have that aid. 
Because he knows, a talk by Elder Holland he talked to missionaries, he said "He, knows. He knows how you feel when you are rejected, spat upon, yelled at, hated, and when you feel the sadness for those that don't understand. He, knows," I know He is there for you always standing there as your companion spreading the good news His wondrous and selfless Atoning sacrifice. This Easter remember that we are all blessed through our savior and not through chocolate eggs.

I am safe happy and above all uplifted. The spirit is so strong here and I couldn't be in a better place in my life than on my mission. 
Funny thing the other day after Gym me and Elder Williams got lunch and went back to our room to shower. After we both  finish we realize we don´t have our key so we were in our towels and had no way to get in our rooms. The only way was to wait for the other elders to get back, which wasn´t  for sure thing. They finally came but wow it was a close one. 
They say missionaries are protected, that is true but to a point..... so far i have been hit in the face by a door (my comp), shot in the face by a rubber band (my roommate), smacked in the face by a basketball (my other roommate,) and I have had the sniffles (Me). But through all those things I LOVE IT HERE. I see all of my Oly missionaries all the time, Elder (Rhees) Johnson is living 2 doors down from me. I see most people at the temple walk on Saturday and got to see a lot more before they left. I have about 1-2 weeks left here then I will be off working for the Lord. I run out of things to say mainly because all the days Blur together AHHH it's nust. I am off to write some more letters and relax. But I will leave you with my testimony.

Yo sé con todos parte de mi corazon la Iglesia de Jesucristo es la verdad. Mi Padre Celescial me ama mucho. Mi vida es mucho bendice porque tengo la opportunidad sevir un mission con meyor Elderes y Hermanas en la mundo. Yo sé Jesucristo murio por mi pecados en la crux. Estoy aqui por las personas en Argentina y por me Salvador. Yo sé José Smith fue un Profeta de Dios y él traducir el libro de mormon. la primera vision es verdedaro. Estoy muy animado por el proxímo dos años. grasias por los personas en mi vida quien ayudado mi en la pasado. Yo amo Vosotros!!!!! Adiós

Sinceriamente Su Elder Chriss
Elder Chriss & Sorella Egbert!!

Go Argentina!
Taylor's Comp is from Arizona is so excited to see the snow.  Taylor not so much!

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