Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday, the best day of the week!!! Salvation Isn't Cheap!

I have been checking my email all day long!  I swear it seems like a month since the last time I heard from him!
Hey All, it's Elder Chriss!
Sorry for not being in contact much. We can only write letters on P-days and send emails on P-day. I am having a wonderful time here at the CCM (MTC in Spanish). I am learning a lot. It is ridiculous how much one can learn in 2 weeks with the help of the lord. I am so happy here learning Spanish and what it takes to be a Preach my Gospel missionary. We are uplifted every day here. 
In every email I want to send some great advise back so that I can share some of the wonderful things I have learned. I'm not going to lie this place is crazy hard, the language is difficult, the home sickness, and well the food isn't that great (its all starting to taste the same). But after our teacher shared a talk with us last night I have no reason why I can't do this. The talk was by Elder Holland. I still can't find it after looking quite a bit. But it is a talk given to several mission presidents. At the beginning of the talk  he said "Presidents you will have a missionary come up to you and say "why is this so hard...... why won't these people just realize the greatness and the wonders of this gospel why can't this be less difficult?" they will ask that question" I am asking myself that all the time with my practice investigators. He continues by saying " I feel the same way, why won't they just feel the power and know they are loved. And I think to my self SALVATION ISN'T CHEAP!!!!!, It wasn't easy for the Savior to obtain salvation for us so why should it be easy for us."

He then said something that has changed every thing for my mission. "You tell those missionaries, You weren't the first to ask that, someone far greater and better asked that a long time ago. He wanted an easier way for his people." Wow..... Finally he says to all missionaries " when you are rejected, turned away, hated, yelled at, spat at, and disregarded by those you try and help. Know HE knows, he will be standing with you shoulder to should as you endure the trial to bring salvation to those others across the world.  

That is my thought for the week "Salvation isn't Cheap". 

Life is good down here, the spirit is tangible. You can feel it from the hundreds of missionaries. The other day I was doing service in a building and as I was cleaning. I talked with different missionaries in the rooms I was cleaning. In each of the rooms they would all say a different mission. Wow its spectacular when you can talk to ten people who will all be in different countries speaking a different language, but all doing the same thing. 

I love my Comp E. Williams he is a great help to me and wonderful to be around. I have seen several OLY missionaries and i saw E. (Riley) Christensen yesterday.  I was so exited! The mornings are dreadful..... waking up at 6:10 to prepare for the day is evil. I keep falling asleep in class (yo dormo es mal). We got two new districts in our zone yesterday. I don't know them yet but I will in the next couple of weeks. My two new investigators are Maria and Ines (both of my teachers) they are difficult especially Maria. But I know if I have faith she will come around. 

I love the elders in my room we all laugh and make jokes. Its a great place to be at night. I am the king of four square. Mom i know you'll be proud of me for that. My companion Elder Williams is the best B-ball player. The work is hard but we do have a good time. 

Congrats to all the people who opened their calls. Every time I hear of one I talk to an MTC friend who shares that mission. All the elders on my floor are Italians so when Pugs and Pinocks got there call they celebrated for you. Congrats Jenessa Erickson on your call. If i missed any one i apologize. 

I do miss all of you, this is a big change in my life but I can honestly say that is the right thing to do. My heart is full right now. 

I am in need of some serious letters right now so all you who see this WRITE ME AHHHHHH. I can't wait to talk to you some more next week God be with you till we meet again.
Sincerely Elder Chriss
Elder Chriss at the Temple on P-Day.  He saw a friend Katherine Coons there.  They have known each other since elementary school!  Our first official picture.  He looks great!!!

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