Thursday, March 21, 2013

Good-bye Elder Moyle, Hello Elder Johnson!

Yes, I love Thursdays!  I am so proud of this young man!!!!
Hey Everybody! Sorry if my English is bad, Spanish is ruining my English. I so happy here. We have been working really hard on our Spanish and all of our doctrine stuff. The weather is not too bad here. But my poor comp (who's from Arizona) is freezing. He is definitely not used to the weather up here yet. I thank all those who have sent me letters and the two packages from my mother. They have been a great boost for moral here.

It was bitter sweet last night, Elder Moyle, after a brief trip to Vegas, got his visa to Mexico. I said good bye to him last night, he said "see you in two" and we made plans with him to go to Sharon's in two. I'm so happy for him and the people who's lives he is going to bless. Speaking of Visa's ours haven't come yet. Not that I was expecting it but me and my roommates were hoping.

 All of our Italian neighbors left on Tuesday, we got pretty attached. But yesterday we got brand new Italians, one of which is Rhees Johnson!!!! So exited that we are living on the same floor. Elder Moyle leaves and Elder Johnson comes in. Life is blending together here in the CCM. All the food tastes the same and the days are crazy. After a long day you head to your room and go to write in your journal and you stare at the book cause you don't remember what happened that day its pretty sad.

Spanish is moving along, I can teach lessons, pray, bear my testimony, and give a talk in Spanish. So I have to say that I am one lucky dude to have the spirit on my team or else I wouldn't even be able to pray. The language is a very simple and easy language. The problem is that English is ridiculously difficult making going to a language that makes sense quite a challenge. For the most part the words sound just like in English Por= for stuff like that. I try and read my Spanish BOM to get the reading and the pronunciation down but it is quite difficult. I am a tutor for an Elder Farnsworth, an Elder from Skyline High school, I don't hold that against him......much. My main point when helping him is to remind him he isn't here to learn Spanish, he is here to recognize and use the spirit and learn some Spanish on the side. This concept is the most important thing I have learned here. That I could use my whole time learning Spanish and become fluent. But if I went out to the field like that, I am just a salesman. When I learn to use the spirit and love for those investigators with the language than am I truly a missionary.
I have been reading a lot in the scriptures lately (makes sense right?) and I have been seeing a lot of missionary scriptures that get me way excited for the field. I know that where ever I go it will be the right place for me to serve the people. My teacher is great at helping us realize the great and wonderful work we are doing here. I hope that my letters have been getting to you all and my emails.
I'm super proud of Scott King and I hope everything is going great with him. I have prayed more in one day here than I did in a week at home. I am keeping you all in my prayers. Sorry for the short letter we only get 30 min a week and i am not the fastest typer.

I would like to finish with my testimony...;. yes in spanish!!!
Yo sé JesuCristo es mi Salvador y mi Redentor. Yo Sé Jose Smith es un Profeta de dios. Yo sé puedo enseñar los personas De Argentina. Mi vida es bedicido por meyor porque mi cumpañero y mi Districto. yo sé con todos mi corazon Dios es mi padre celecial y él me ama mucho.

Its small but from my heart! Love you all see you in a few.
Love Elder Chriss

The Oly men!!! Scott Jeppsen (Brazil), Austin Rasmussen (Peru) , Brad Wilkinson (Russia), Andrew Price (Russia), Taylor Chriss (Argentina), Cameron Moyle (Mexico)
Taylor & Richard Lloyd (Baltic States)

Taylor & Alex Johnson (Oklahoma)

Taylor & Austin Rasmussen (Peru)

Taylor & his Companion Elder Williams

Taylor & his room mates

Laundry day!  That is a lot of washers & dryers!

Taylor & Andrew Price (Russia)

Taylor & Cameron Moyle (Mexico)

Sleepy Elder Engrbretsen

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