Wednesday, March 6, 2013

One week down! Only 103 more to go!

Hooray!  We got our first letter from Taylor!  Absolutely made my day!!

Hey guys!  This is my first official letter.  I was going to send one earlier, but you all were in California and probably still are as I write this letter.  I enjoy all the notes you have sent me thus far.

I love the MTC.  It is such a humbling experience for me, mainly because of the language.  The food isn't that bad and a lot of it.  I have one great companion, Elder Williams.  He has red hair and is a bit taller than I.  He is very smart and spiritual.  In my District we have four Elders and Six Hermanas.  The other two Elders are also our roommates, our District Leader Elder Engebretsen and his companion Elder Hawkins.  They are some of the most spiritual people I have ever met.

We met our Zone Leaders.  Best part about them is one is Cameron (Elder) Moyle!!!  I was so happy that I have a friend in my Zone.  Also Elder Rasmussen is in my zone, both from Olympus.

Today is Sunday so we have a bunch of meetings. Luckily it is fast Sunday.  On regular Sundays we all have to prepare a talk and one or two of us get picked to speak.  This isn't too hard, but it has to be in Spanish.  I bore my testimony today. For fun I will share. Yo sé Jesu Cristo es el Salvador me Redentor Nuestro Hermano y amo él. Yo sé el Librode Mormon es inspirado doctrina y verandero.  Estoy Feliz sevir por me padre celestial y me he man Jesu Cristo.  La personas de Argentina. En el nombre des Jesu Cristo Amen.

Mom, knowing you, you are crying right now (yes, he was correct) If so, know I love you and cry it out.  I am safe and happy, but very tired.  Before when I said I was tired, I had no idea how tired I could be.  We work all day and sleep most of the night.  It's a great feeling though.

So far the only truth I know here is I can't do this alone.  I need the Lord's help in all of my doings.  It is a wonderful testimony builder to see hundreds, if not thousand of Elders and Hermanas prepare to serve the God they love.  We watched a talk  by Elder Ballard.  In it he said when you fort yourself in the work and think only on the people and truly of Christ, then will you be missionaries of God.  No longer should I think I'm the reason to serve a mission, but others.

I love and miss you all.  I'm praying for all of you so very much.  Please say hello to Cassi.

With all my love!
Elder Taylor Chriss

PS - Tell people to write me!!! I don't have any addresses

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