Wednesday, February 27, 2013

God Be With you 'til We Meet Again!

Well, today was the day that I have both dreaded and looked forward to for the past three months.  We dropped Taylor off at the MTC in Provo.  He was set apart as a missionary by his Stake President last night.  It was beautiful and he was surrounded by a lot of people that love and support him. 

The outpouring of love and support over the past few weeks has been incredible.  Our family definately appreciates the prayers, advice and love from everyone!  We can already feel the incredible blessings from having a missionary in the family!

Don't forget to write Taylor.  He is so excited to hear how everyone is doing!

A Stow-away!

Scott, Tayson, Christian & Riley stopped by to say goodbye to 
Taylor after he was set apart!

Wait!! Where is everybody going?

One last wave!!! And he's off!
Only in Utah!!!

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