Sunday, February 17, 2013

So Long, Farewell!

Taylor's Farewell was held today.  He gave a beautiful talk in Sacrament meeting with a wonderful tribute to a woman that meant the world to him, Sister Doris Armstrong.  Thanks to all of the great friends that showed up to support him.

It is quite a wonderful thing to live in one ward your entire life.  Most of the people in the Ward you have known your entire life.  Looking around I really realized that it truly takes a village to raise a child.  Almost everyone of Taylor's past Young Men's leaders, Scout Leaders, Sunday School teachers and Bishops were there, some traveling quite a distance and making sacrifices to attend.  All of you have had an incredible impact on Taylor's life and have been such great examples.  Thank you for loving my son unconditionally!

Taylor and I were talking not too long ago about how peer pressure is always seen as such a negative thing.  It is quite to the contrary in Taylor's circumstance.  Peer pressure for Taylor has helped him to make the right choices over his lifetime. His friends have definitely helped mold the great person Taylor is today.  Thank you for all for your friendship and love!

It was also wonderful to have Taylor's extended family there!  Most are not in the best of health and it was not easy for them to attend.  Taylor loves you all dearly are was so happy you were able to be there to hear his testimony!


CBT Friends

Taylor & Kim, friends since birth!

These guys are next

The Dall Girls!


John Haymond, what a great disciple of Christ!

Grandma Chriss

Grandma Steele

Christian Lucy has always been a wonderful friend.  He played the most beautiful rendition of "Called to Serve" on the piano, ending with "God be With You" at the end.  
It was amazing.  Thanks Christian for being such a stellar friend!

The entire family together one last time!

Saying goodbye to Aunt Shell!


Brother & Sister!  Hard to say goodbye!

Brothers both leaving February 27.  One to Argentina and the other to Afgahnistan!

He is really going to miss Cassi!

Proud, proud parents!

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