Monday, July 28, 2014

Wow! A lot Happens in the Mission!

Sergio's Baptism!
Lots of things happened in the mission and some are sad. But mostly super happy things happen here. Thinking of the week and what I can share with you, I think I´ll start with the beginning of the week. Well the sad news of the week is that we had our bikes stolen.... Someone broke the lock and ran off with some of the worst bikes I have ever seen hahaa! So in the end I think it was a blessing that we don´t have the bikes anymore. So we are on the look out for new bikes that we can buy. And in the mean time we are walking a bunch here. 
But even though our mode of transportation has been limited we work even better this week than before. We taught a lot of people and have been finding a lot of new people to teach! I feel so good just to be busy all day haha. We had interviews with President this week, which was awesome. We talked about our personal progression and how we can be stronger in the Faith of Christ. He is a great man and really cares for his missionaries. The assistants talked about doing the small things in missionary work, like filling in your planner and writing in our area book every night. It was great meeting and we learned quite a bit. We are really learning how to become effective servants of the Lord here in Campana haha.

And of course the best news of all is that Sergio Got baptized!!! Yeah we are pretty happy right now.  Me and my comp have gotten pretty close to Sergio over the past few weeks. And when it came to who was going to baptize him we thought of who of the members could do it. We thought that it would be good for him to have someone from the ward baptize him. So we called a Hermano in the ward and asked if he would do it. He was thrilled to be part of the baptism. In the 9 years that he is a member he has never baptized any one. I think it made his week. The services went well (we had a youth in the ward help Sergio in the water due to the fact that he has one arm). After his baptism our ward mission leader had him give some thoughts. 

He got up and said " There are two things that I never thought would happen in my life. 1. Lose an arm and 2. Be a Mormon." He is so happy. After we closed with a prayer the ward members went and greeted him. When I went to go and congratulate him, he hugged me and said "Thank you for coming to my Gate and Saving me." I have to say that when he said that I started to cry. I´m so grateful to be here on my mission. I know that He was prepared by the lord. I love missionary work.

We had the Bishop confirm him the next day. The ward is very excited to help their new Brother. Now plenty of things happened this week, but these are some of the greatest things that came to pass!
I love you all so much and I hope that this week treats you well! Be good people and remember That Elder Chriss loves you all!!!

Con Amor, 
Elder Taylor Chriss

That is one tired Elder!

Elder Chriss and Elder Sosa

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