Monday, July 21, 2014


Elder Chriss and his new Companion, Elder Sosa!
First week of the transfer and we are already having a great time. My new comp is super great! He is from Peru in a place close to Brazil called Iquitos. He is super short, and he loves to work. This week we have been working a lot to find people to teach. Talking to tons of people. I think I´m going to keep track of all the Juans and Marias here. Every other person seems to have those names. We have also been passing by as many Peruvians here as we can. It's a great way to contact someone if you have something in common (Country or food). 
We have been riding our bikes all over the place this week. My poor companion has been getting used to our sad bikes. He has not used a bike since he was 12 years old, and he has never used a bike that to use the brakes you need to pedal backwards. So it's been a training/get to know the ward week haha. But so far this week nothing has broken on our bikes so... we call that a success!
Our investigator Sergio came to church this week and he is doing great, We are planning his baptism this weekend so we are all praying and working with him a lot so that he can get baptized. He is super great and really humble. I´m so happy to have him as an investigator. And we are helping several families come back to the church. We had 3 families that we haven´t seen for a while in the church. It's really great when people accept commitments and then do them. I´m sure that is how our Heavenly Father feels when we obey the commandments haha. 

I´m super happy that I´m staying here in Campana, Its so great here. Normally here in this mission, we move around a lot. So I´m glad to stay here where it is really chill and there are a lot of potential. 
 I love you all, Hope you are all doing good, Help you fellow man and be good people. Talk to you next week!

Elder Chriss

Watching the game with the Marin Family!
Messi - The world's best player!

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