Tuesday, August 20, 2013

That time again...Transfers!

Elder Chriss and his District.  He's going to miss these people!

Well no news on the Visa this week. But I am moving again! I will be going to Lafayette Square up north and I'm white washing with my new comp Elder Palomino. Not going to lie I wish that I would not leave every transfer. But Ire donde El queire.
This was a pretty long week. We had several service projects this week which was crazy!!! First we helped out a great member family with their yard. We hand tilled the place to get ready for grass. The other service project was yet again a hoarder.... this place was nasty. Just a lot of stuff piled on a lot of stuff. The worst part of that was the spiders.... A million spiders all over the place. This family a family rents out this place and when ever the people don't want to pay rent they leave all of their stuff and run. So she has obtained quite a bit of things over the years. Another funny thing about this place was their ten dogs! They had a pit bull and a husky, and well they had 7 puppies. So this place was covered in dogs. They came from all over the place.

We have been really having a hard time getting people married for several reasons, so me and Elder Abbot have been focusing on strengthening them enough until there marriage can go thru. There is a lot of work to be going on in this area.

There is a lot of big changes going down in this mission. There is a new zone and 18 new areas. This transfer we are getting 42 new missionaries!!!! We are starting a Tongan, Samoan, and Chinese program with their own areas. Things are speeding up, and every one is moving to different locations. Elder Abbott is becoming a district leader and is training a new missionary, so he is getting excited for that.  
Not much to report other than I am doing good here in LA. I will keep you all informed about my Visa when it comes!!!

With Supa lovin
Elder Chriss

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