Monday, December 8, 2014

El es la Dadiva!

Baptism of Tomas!
I still don't think I'll get used to singing Christmas songs when its like 90 degrees out side. It's weird. But as we are working and sharing the message of Christ, you can still feel the spirit of Christmas. It was a week full of memorable experiences.

We started off the week with a meeting with President and other leaders of the mission to talk about the vision for our mission and the ways we are going to reach our goals. It was a great meeting where the spirit was really present. This is really a work directed by the Lord. We are focusing on the work we do with our members and the importance of using members to Find, Teach and Baptize. They really change the work here. Plus as a zone we got together to talk about the things that President shared with us and that we could counsel together about how we can achieve the vision. It was awesome and it just got us all very excited to get out side and teach every one we could.

A cool expience was the baptism of Tommy, the child of some investagators who are doing thier paperwork to get married. He is super small and really likes going to the church with his parents. My companion made the joke that if he baptised him he would keep him in the water for 15 minutes.... I want E. Chriss to baptise me! haha All went well I didn't keep him under to long haha.

As the title of my email says, El es la Dadiva,which means He is the Gift. The church is doing a big focus on the true meaning of Christmas and Missionary work. It's really cool to see all of the things the church is doing. But as missionaries we are given pass along cards that say "He is the Gift" and we are talking with all the people about the importance of Christ in our lives. It's working wonders here and it's so great to talk about Christmas to every one. 

Every one should go and see the video that the church has put up. It's really great. It makes me think a lot about this time of year how one day changed all of the eternities. How the night that Christ was born every thing was made better, He was our gift (John 3 16) and this gift can bring us unlimited joy and peace. 

I love my Savior and this month we can all celebrate the time when he was born.  

It was a good week and we still have good weeks to come. I love you all so much and get out there and give the missionaries a referral!

Love Elder Taylor Chriss

Divisions with the Assistants, Elder Wade, Elder Chriss Elder Engebretsen, Elder Molina

The Gran Tigre Zone


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