Monday, November 24, 2014

Why won't the weather stay still?

That's a lot of Elder Chrisses!
I'm so confused here when it comes to the weather... One day it's a cold 40 degrees and need for a light sweater day. And then the next day it is a 90 degrees and no shade to be found day... So let's just say that I don't get it. But even with the crazy weather we are working really hard and seeing great miracles and having wonderful experiences. 

One of the greatest things that happened this week was the baptism of Roman! He was so happy and couldn't wait for his baptism. His mother, who is another recent convert, was ecstatic. The ward is growing and we are seeing great things here in Virreyes.

There was several baptisms this weekend here in our stake and so there was a need for a lot of interviews, so we did a lot of divisions. Plus we needed to get to know a lot of people. There were several changes in the zone because of transfers and we have a super zone this transfer. We have great missionaries and we are really looking forward to the hard work each of us are willing to do. 

We are working a lot with our recent converts and it is showing a lot of results. I have seen the blessings as we help others Endure to the End. Several of our converts have a calling in the church and are really enjoying the spirit that they feel there. So in the end all is well in Zion and I love the work of the Lord. His work is always perfect!

Keep it up, do something good for one another. And Remember that I love you all!

Con Amor,
Elder Taylor Chriss

Elder Chriss, Ramon, Elder Molina!

Alumerzo (Lunch!)

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