Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cambios y Apostoles

Walter, Ludmila ,E.Sosa y Yo
What a week! 

I'm really blown away by this week, really I am. I just don't know where to begin, so much happened. I saw an Apostle, Becca Alley, and my companion left me for his homeland, which also leaves me with a new companion. So..... 

I'll start with my comps. Elder Zapata has left me now to go to his new area... called Mexico. So yeah, he's gone. It's so weird to think that he is going home. I'm really happy for him, really thankful for his help, and for such a great transfer together. He is one of the best companions I have ever had. I learned a lot and I know I'm a better person because of him. 

My new companion is Elder Molina from Chile. And yes, he met Elder David Archuletta. He has about 17 months in the mission and is a great guy. This is his first transfer as a Zone Leader but I know he will do great. This makes me Zone leader 1.... I have to lead the zone now. I miss Elder Zapata haha!

And now I'll tell you the story of Sister Becca Alley. So we had the great pleasure of having Elder D. Todd Christofferson come and visit our mission. And this Saturday we heard him speak. We hosted the Mission Buenos Aires West in our mission. Because our zone was in charge of accommodating everything, I was running all over the place and I ran into my old friend Becca Alley! I laughed so hard that after 21 months in the mission I still run into people from home and here in the middle of Argentina haha. Plus I saw Elder Miner! He Just got to the mission and I saw him for the first time the same day. It was a day of Olympus High! Lets go Titans!

As the topic goes, we had the chance to hear from Elder Christofferson. It was so great to hear from an Apostle. The cool thing was that he spoke in Spanish! He served his mission here in Argentina about 50 years ago. Pretty good after that much time. He talked to us about Repentance and the importance of it in our teaching. And he talked about the Atonement. I loved what he said that Repentance and Baptism don't clean us from sin but that Christ is the one who cleans. Without Christ we would have no reason to repent and to baptize. He is the reason it all works. I loved IT!

To end I would just like to share an experience that I had that filled my soul to the brim with the spirit. This past Sunday in the night, we had the farewell for the missionaries that are leaving this transfer. At the end of the meeting there was a super big crowd of people (the converts and member friends of the missionaries who were leaving) and out of the corner of my eye I saw Walter Almada from Campana and one of his daughters. They came to the farewell with Elder Sosa hoping to find me. Well they did. I was so happy to see them We chatted for a while and then Walter told me that he and his family have a goal, and that goal is the temple. In September of 2015 he wants me to be there with them. 

It made me feel so great to see that my converts are doing so well and that they have their eye on the temple. I'm so blessed to have had the chance to know them. They are the best in the whole world.
Well a lot of talking but I hope you are all well and that you all can do something kind for another person. We all need a little help once and a while and you can be the person to answer someones prayers.
I love you All,
Elder Taylor Chriss
Hermana Alley and Me!
Elder Chriss and Hermana Alley - Oly Homecoming 2009

Elder Zapata y Yo En Buenos Aires

Elder Zapata, Aylene and her family, Elder Chriss

Elder Zapata, Gonzalo, Elder Chriss

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