Monday, November 3, 2014

La Lluvia puede llenar las pilas!

My new mission, Venice!
Well for all of you that don´t understand the title, It says, "The Rain Could Fill the Fonts Here". I say so because its been raining here all week, I´m so wet and the wind has destroyed two umbrellas. Jaja I love the mission.

This week was a week of many surprises and many blessings. So we started the week with one of the hottest days of my life. Elder Zapata and I were walking from appointment to appointment slowly melting in place. As we came up to a house of an investigator a kid was eating an Ice cream. I´m not going to lie that I didn´t think about taking it and shoving it in my mouth. But I thought that might not be the best decision. 

The next day we felt an impression to do divisions with a companionship who are doing good but need a little more help achieving their potential. And it wasn´t that hot in the morning and a bit cloudy. Well the day went well I went with an Elder from Mexico named Elder Franco. He was great and we had a good time. Well about half way though the day the clouds exploded with rain and we got soaked. Then in the night I had to do a Baptismal interview in another area and the rain just got worse and worse. Literally I have never been so wet before in a Shirt and a Tie. But It was good. Refreshing.
The rest of the week was a bit more calm. We got a lot of work done and have been building up our area a lot. But Friday the Clouds said that they still had more water and let us have it. There was so much rain that the streets filled with water, I asked my companion if he was called to serve in Venice, Because I wasn´t haha. Part of the zone was so full of water that the water came up to their waist. We told the missionaries to find a place where they were dry. So we took a hard hit as a zone, due to super water. But I enjoyed it. 

Our investigators are doing great and they are progressing a lot in the gospel. As I´m doing my best to teach to the needs of our investigators I've gained a greater testimony of our Savior. Something came to me the other day. That without Christ we are hopeless and with our a plan. Without Christ every thing we do could not lead to Salvation. I´m truly grateful for my Savior and I´m striving to be like him and to talk about him in every lesson. Sometimes its easy to say that you need to pray and read and everything works out. But in the end Christ is why it all works. He is our every thing. As the scripture says "There is no other name given whereby salvation cometh; therefore, I would that ye should take upon you the name " Mosiah 5:8. I love the work of the Lord and I know that the Savior is our center. He will never leave us to fall.
Hope you all have a great week! 
Love you tons!
Elder Taylor Chriss
Part of our Zone

Look who is on Google Maps, Elder Chriss and Elder Damitz in Pablo Nogues!

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