Monday, October 27, 2014

Metas y Planes

Azucena and her Grandson Dylan
Hay estamos! Hey guys, how is every thing going? Here things are going great! Virreyes is a great place and I´m enjoying my time a lot. I´m seeing a lot of growth here in the area, in the mission, and and in me.

This week we have been trying to be the most obedient and diligent missionaries that we could be. And wow it brought a lot of blessings. I´m learning a ton from my companion and we are working well together. We are teaching a lot of lessons and helping a lot of people find peace in their lives.

Some of the good news is the Baptism of Azucena and her Grandson Dylan.  They are family of Nazareno who was baptized the week before. So they passed their baptismal interview and are doing awesome. After the interview we asked them if they would like a member to baptism. Azucena laughed and said I want E. Zapata to get wet, so she asked him to do the baptism and Dylan wanted me to baptize him. So it was pretty cool to see another part of a family that I love so much be baptized.

Plus as a zone we reached our goal of baptisms for the month which was 14. As a zone we had 18 for the month. So that was pretty great. We are all really excited for the growth here in the zone. We are doing our best to help all the areas in our zone baptize. We are hoping to have 2 more baptisms this week but we will see how things go. I love this mission!

So we also heard that Elder Christopherson will be coming to our stake conference in a couple of weeks, which is really cool. The ward was really excited when they heard who was going to be coming to the stake conference. But one of the best parts of Church this Sunday was the Primary Program. It was awesome to hear all of the testimonies of the children in Spanish. It's probably the only time I will have a primary program completely in Spanish. So I really enjoyed it.

All is well here in Virreyes, and I hope you all have a good week. Keep up all of the good things you are doing,

With lots of Love
 Elder Taylor Chriss

New Pension

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