Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Friday the entire mission got to go to the Buenos Aires Temple.
 Wow this has been a great week and I couldn't be more happy here in the mission. I have been truly blessed to serve here.

But lets talk about the week. First off my companion and I have been really focusing on finding those that the Lord is preparing. And we had great success in our efforts. And not only that but our converts, the Familia Almada, are doing great. Walter the father is preparing to receive the priesthood and the whole family just seems happier. Patricio,  their son, helps us do visits and always is willing to help us contact some one. So everything is going very well with them.
And officially the whole Familia Almada are members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! We had the baptism of their two daughters, Sunday in the morning. In the beginning they didn't want anything with the church, but after the changes that their parents have been making. STRAIGHT TO THE WATER!!! haha. the service was great and the daughters are really happy (Magali and Ludmila) Plus we found several new investigators from them. They have lots of friends that are going to start listening.

And of course I can't forget Conference. I love Conference here in the mission. It's the greatest to help me get pumped. The talks were all so inspired, plus a bonus was that when the speakers spoke in Spanish we could understand them hahah. I loved the idea of having them speak in their native language. It was great to hear their testimonies in Spanish, (the members were thrilled). And to add the cherry on top of this conference.... The Familia Almada went!!! And they loved all the messages, Lucia the mother was very emotional when she heard the prophet speak. I love Converts! 

But the title does suggest that some things are a bit different now. First off we had transfers, and well I'm no longer in the great land of Campana. I was visiting the Familia Almada yesterday and I got a call from President.  He called me to be a Zone leader and that I would be going to a area called Virreyes, in the zone Tigre! my companion will be Elder Zapata de Mexico. I was pretty shocked to hear the call and to tell you the truth sad that I was going to leave Campana. But here comes my new adventure. I'm grateful for this chance to serve and I'll do all I can to live up to the expectations.
I Love my Savior! He is all who I am trying to be and I will follow him anywhere he needs me to go. I love you all and hope that you are doing well. Keep it up and remember that Elder Chriss loves you all!

Con Amor!
Elder Taylor Chriss
The entire family are now members of the church!

Zarate Zone

Elder Chriss is really going to miss these guys!

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