Monday, September 29, 2014

Familias pueden ser eternas!

I love my Mission! It is full ups and downs, but the ups always are worth the downs! My purpose as a missionary is to help others to come unto Christ and it brings me great joy when I´m able to complete that purpose. This has been one of the most hectic weeks of my life, But... one of the most rewarding weeks that I have ever had. 
As I have said in other letters, my testimony is growing that the Lord is preparing his children to have this Gospel in their lives, and he is preparing us to find them.
The Familia Almada were baptized this weekend! It was such a great place to be as they were baptized. We had several members of our ward baptize the family, and it was a great way to get them fellow shipped in the ward. But I´ll tell you, this baptismal service was not easy. Me and my companion, were running all over the place looking for clothing for the baptism. The tire on my comps bike broke, and the water in the Baptismal font wouldn´t heat up. So the water was ice cold. The Family who was going help baptize and give a talk, the Familia Del Monte, their car broke, so we had to go out to their house to give them our Bus pass so that they could make it.... Fhooo but in the end it was all worth it!  The family is all really happy, and The spirit was so strong as the family were baptized!
And yet again our zone broke our goal of baptisms this month with 19 baptisms and 19 confirmacions! But it was crazy because Friday in the night there was the need of 14 Baptism Interviews! And well I was needed to some of those. While I went with one of my zone leaders to do the interviews of their investigators, my comp and the other Zone leader did the Interviews for our Investigators. And then afterwards I had the chance to do another interview for the Elders in my district for their investigator. So at end of the night I had done 5 Baptismal interviews and had traveled every corner of our zone haha. But it was great to help others to see if they were ready for the step of baptism they were about to take. 
But Wow it was great to have such a great week, And our investigators are doing great. If all goes well we are planning for 2 more baptisms this weekend! How great to baptize conference weekend. THE SPIRIT!
Also this Friday we are going to the Temple as a mission! Plus the next week is transfers so I´ll be writing you all the Tuesday, I´m thinking that I´m going to be leaving this area (Six months is along time). But I´ll keep you informed.  I Love you so much, keep up the great things you are all doing and remember that I love you and am thinking of you all. The Lord has great plans for all of us.
Love you all!
Elder Taylor Chriss


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