Monday, September 22, 2014

Conferencia de Estaca

Familia Almada!
Well as the time goes on passes another week of miracles. 

As the title says, this week we had Stake Conference here in the Stake Zarate. And well it was awesome! No General Authority came, but six people did come and it was great! Who are these six people? Our investigators! We have been so blessed this week to have our investigators progress so much in the Gospel, not only in the gospel, but in desires to make the changes necessary in their lives. We are planning on having a baptismal service for the family this up coming weekend! So keep on praying for our investigators!

Our Family is called Fam. Almada, They are super humble and just great people, The Father of the family (Walter) said that he never invites religious people in his house, but something caught his attention about us. The whole family is just plain awesome, and I have a even stronger testimony of the Lord Preparing His children to receive the Gospel. 

So here in Campana we don´t get fed a lot by the members. There are several great Families (Castelli, Del Monte, y Torres) that always feed us and show a ton of love. The other day The Family Del Monte said "We don´t have very much to give but if you want to stop by we can give you Nutria." I Had no idea what it was but we aren´t going to deny food when offered..... Well come to find out Nutria is River Otter in Spanish.... I ate a river otter!!!!! But i´m not going to lie, tt was tastey. Haha You will eat strange things in the mission.

I´m Happy and don´t regret a thing here in the mission. Yes things can get hard. But the lord blesses those who get to work and forget about themselves. I love you all and hope that each of you can help one another. If you are feeling down, pick your self up and remember how much you mean to your Heavenly Father.

Love Elder Chriss
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