Monday, September 15, 2014

Milagros Pasan!

Elder Chriss and Jazmin after her baptism.
Well just as the last week, the miracles keep coming.  We had the baptism of Jazmin this weekend! It was so great and we had a good amount people at the Baptism. So we are pretty stoked about that. And we had our family that we found this past week come to church yesterday. So we are pretty much some of the happiest Elders you can find! haha

But as I look back at this week, I can´t stop being grateful for the things  that I´ve received from the Lord.  Really I can see the blessings. I have learned that the best way to see the blessings of our Heavenly Father is to look backwards. Then you notice the changes and the help.

I´m so happy to be here in Campana. It has been kind of like the Refiners Fire. Not because of the weather, but that it has been hard to do a lot of the things and to stay positive about them. But after a good time and several miracles in my life, I've been made better. Through my trials I now feel like a better person. I´m so happy for the trials as much as the happiness. It's all part of the plan.
I´m not really sure what to write this week, but these are some of the thoughts that I have to share with y'all. I´m so grateful for your help and love that you give me. I´m praying for you all and I know that my Savior lives!
Elder Taylor Chriss
Elder Sosa, Jazmin and her family, and Elder Chriss!

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