Monday, March 31, 2014

Gran Comienzo del mes de Abril (A Great Beginning in April!)

A new rugby jersey!  The kid will have an entire wardrobe of jerseys when he gets home!
Wow it's already April!!! That's so crazy! The time flies when you are having fun (serving a mission in another country, talking to people in another language, sharing a message about Christ).

The week really did go by fast, but as I´ve noticed as you focus on the people and their needs everything else seems to not matter, its just the missionaries and those that they teach. It's a great feeling being lost in the work of the lord. 
So as you all know Conference is this up coming week. So the missionaries have been preparing to bring our investigators to said conference. I´m very excited.  
Every one is doing great, Natalia is progressing very well. Me and my comp Elder Damitz are visiting less actives like crazy! there is no house unclapped in our area. (in Argentina you clap in front of peoples houses instead of knocking). We found several new less-active families to work with for this up coming week. We are going through our entire list of members. The sad thing is that after a lot of work to help inspire these less-actives to come to church, it rained Sunday, and when it rains here in Argentina nobody leaves their houses. But we have conference this week end so we will bring them to that one!!!
In the mission there are always firsts for everything, first Comp, Area, Baptism, transfer etc. This week was a first that I wouldn´t have preferred to have had in my mission, first robbery of my mission. This past Friday me and my comp were walking in a not-so-safe part of our area looking for less-active members. As we were walking I saw in the corner of my eye two men walking behind us. I started to walk faster and my companion took note and followed. One of the two men ran after us asking us what time is was. As we turned to look at him the other ran with their hands in the shirts (trying to make us think they had a weapon) told us "GIVE US YOUR PHONE!" I just told them we don´t have anything that we are missionaries of God and all we have is scriptures. I tried to offer him a BoM but he didn´t take it. After several minutes of denial they left. Me and my comp are super blessed to have left with all of our stuff. Just to come home and find out the other Elders next to us in the Cabaña got all of their stuff taken! Crazy haha. But all is good... although we got rejected trying to offer a copy of the BoM.hehe.
Also I bought a new shirt, it's the Argentine National Rugby Jersey. It's super sweet! Then right after a member gifted me a shirt of Boca. I´m rolling in cool Jerseys right now!  In the end that's all I have for you this week. I love you all, keep up the good things you do. I know the Savior is proud of all the good things that you do. 
Live long and Prosper
Elder Taylor M. Chriss

Gotta love PDays!

This is the look Lindsay got when she told him we had made his bedroom into a walk in closet!

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