Monday, March 17, 2014

Cuando Llueve, Llueve mucho (when it rains its pours... more or less)

Hola Elder Damitz!
And it came to pass that the week was good in the eyes of Elder Chriss! haha yeah we had a great time! Me and my comp E. Damitz are working really working hard to find the people that the Lord is preparing for us in our area. We had several great opportunities to grow and get better.
Now as the title says, when it rains it pours.... First off we had like 5 meetings this week. which never happens (meetings are more rare here) First off in San Fernando (mission office) with all of the Zone and District Leaders, which was great and I loved all the things that we learned about. Secondly Zone meetings and ward meetings sooo it's pouring meetings.
Another type of rain that we are having is well, rain. The other day we were in our Zone meeting and it started to rain. We all look outside and groan, because none of us were expecting rain, so we had no umbrellas or coats. Then in the middle of the meeting our Zone Leader gets a call. He tells us that all of the colectivos (Public Buses) are not working.... we live very very far from our the church that we were in.... so let's just say that we got very wet.
It was a great week for my district! We had three baptisms as a district yesterday! I have been blessed to work with great missionaries here in my district. I was given the opportunity to interview the candidates for baptism and it was super cool so see the fruits of the missionaries and their work. As I have said in the past the mission is growing substantially. And it's great to be here to see it. The Lord is moving forward with his work and is preparing the world for his coming. 

I love you all! Email me, I love hearing from you.  Have a good week, stay cool and love one another.

Love Elder Chriss

Another MTC Gang photo!


Pictures sent from Natalia before Elder Flores left

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