Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Capos (studs) de Mision Buenos Aires Norte

Ciao Elder Flores!
Hey every one how are you doing this fine day?  Another week passes, wow the weeks are passing by really fast... I don´t like it.

It has come to pass another transfer, hence the Email on Tuesday. And guess what more changes for Elder Chriss.  My companion E. Flores has moved to another area, of Parque Brown which in fact is where I spent my first week in Argentina. I have a new companion named Elder Damitz from California. He is super smart and is a hard worker. I´m looking forward to working with him.

This past week was a good ole week of working. And I´m going to tell you the truth.... not much happened. We taught several lesson to a lot of people but nothing grand happened during the week.

But at the end of the week we had the farewells for the departing missionaries. And me and E. Flores took some investigators to it. We had a great time.  I had the opportunity to see a lot of people that I known from other areas. First of I saw Elder Stout! Who is doing great (is a district leader) and is having a lot of success still in Parque Avellaneda. He brought Ari (son of JOSE!) to the farewell! I love that guy I´m so happy to find out that Jose is doing good and his family is coming closer to Christ! I got to see the whole gang (MTC) which what awesome. And I said good bye to my misson Father E. Pastrana who will be returning home to Kaysville UT. I saw lots of people and in the end it was great.

We were at lunch the other day and my companion was a little down and was telling the family how he failed to baptize this transfer and how he felt like a failure. The Hna told my companion a story I will never forget. She said " There once was a missionary who told me after one year in his mission that he only had one baptism. After he had served his entire mission that one baptism was his only baptism in his mission." Now in this mission having only one baptism is odd because baptisms are a lot more common." She continued " That missionary only had one baptism, but the young girl that he baptized found and married a returned missionary, had 5 kids, all of which are missionaries, and her husband is currently a bishop." She looked at my comp and told him "I'm that one baptism." As missionaries never must we feel that the work we do is wasted, because it is all worth it in the end. This Hna is the wife of the our bishop and is such a great example to me. I know that as long as I´m working hard and doing all I can to serve the Lord, I´m having success and as long as I´m obedient and following my leaders the blessings will follow.

l love you all so much! I hope that you all have a fine and dandy week. I will talk to you all later.

Elder Taylor Chriss

The WONDERFUL Lilian once again feeding my cute missionary son!!!

MTC District and roommates together again one year later

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