Monday, March 24, 2014

Success Takes Hard Work!

Thanks Lilian for my newest picture of Elder Chriss and Elder Damitz! You are the best!
Well we come to that time of the week again, the missionary Emails!!! Every Monday thousands of missionaries are writing home to their families. That's a lot of testimonies being shared!

This was a very good week. It had a lot of ups and really only one down. First I´ll start off with the ups. Me and my comp are working really hard, having a lot of success talking with our less actives and bringing them to church. And as we talk with these less actives we are finding new people to talk to! 
We have a great investigator named Natalia, she is fantastic and is really willing to follow the gospel and is looking for a stronger life for her and her family. She has a lot of trials in her life, so we are helping her lift her spirits. We are working well with our Bishop to grow our ward. We had a Zone Conference with two zones and President. He focused the meeting on helping out our wards grow, and as we do that we will find new people to teach. So we are working well with him.

They celebrated my Birthday at the meeting... a month early is better than a month late. President gave me Starbursts and a Alfajor!!! Alfajor are these Argentino mini desserts that are just plain fantastic.

So those are some of the ups of the week. Now comes the down of the week. I have been struggling with a pretty bad in grown toenail, that the doctor says is from the amount of walking that we are doing.... so I wanted to get it checked out to clear up any problems that it could cause. I went down to the Area Offices of the church (center of the church in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay) to have Elder Smith the Doctor take a look at it. He tells me "take off your shoe and let me take a look at it" I do as he asks and he says with out hesitation "Well looks like we need to operate".... My face just sunk... and before I knew it  he was cleaning off some scissors with some alcohol haha.
He gave me five super painful injections in the foot to numb the toe and then went at it. Normally what doctors can do is dig out the ingrown toe nail, But he said it was a lot easier to just take 1/4th of my nail off. So he did, Then he killed the root so no longer will my nail grow in that part of my foot. Yeah..... But on the bright side of things we ate at Subway afterwards, so its all good. To let you all know I´m doing a lot better, and my foot feels fine.

I´m so glad to be a missionary and to be serving here the people of Argentina. I hope all is well!
Live long and Prosper!!!
Elder Taylor Chriss

Downtown Buenos Aires near the doctor's office

Elder Chriss and Elder Venegas
Cheesing it at the internet Cafe!

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