Monday, April 7, 2014


Conference is the best thing in the whole world. And I echo the words of many as I say that many of the talks were meant for me. I am so grateful for the blessing it was to listen to such inspired speakers. It was a pretty ruff week here in our area. Not much acceptance of the people and we are finding it difficult to find new people to teach. But this was the best timing for a General Conference ever!!! It is another testimony to me as I listen to the men and women chosen of God to lead us here on this earth. 
I loved the talk by Elder Bednar, it was amazing and it made me think on my loads that I have in my life and how important they are. I never looked at my burdens like that before. I have limited time in this creepy Argentine cyber cafe so I have to go. I will write a bigger email the following week.
Love Elder Chriss
continued . . . 

Hey again, We went out for pizza as a zone so I left, and now afterwards we have good time to sit down and finish. As I was saying Conference was fantastic. The talk by Bednar was truly inspired and has put a lot of my burdens in order. 
Now cool thing about here in Argentina is that all of the conference is in Castillano, except one small room full of English Elders or (Yankees as the people say here.) The great thing is that I can understand the Spanish it's just that I would rather get everything out of the conference as I could. So it was a room full of Elders and a small TV. The spirit was so strong that I didn´t have any distractions, just me and Conference. 
One of the wonderful talks was about member missionary work. I have such a great testimony of how much members can do to help this work. The work doesn´t work without members any more. PMG (preach my gospel) is a manual for every one not only full time missionaries. My challenge to all of you that aren´t on missions is to really look for the ways to help the Lord in his work. Think about your family and how much you love them. Now think of how you want the best for them. That is how God our Heavenly Father feels for every one of us. And there are people out there that don´t know that. And we as members have the Duty to help them find out. So go out and invite those people dear to you, the people who need a little help. And then follow up. I can promise you that you can do wonderful things when you are in the service of our Heavenly Father.
I could talk forever on conference but I think that would get a little boring after awhile haha. Again, I love you so much and I hope you all enjoyed conference. If you missed it, it is on YAY! It's great. 
Keep cool and I´ll talk to you next week!!
Again Love 
Elder Taylor Chriss 

Do you notice a huge amount of missionary pictures include food? Lunch at Tortugitas Mall.

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