Monday, April 28, 2014

Campana II Here I come!

Well here I am in Campana! It is such an awesome area!!! It is a giant area haha. 

Like I said last time, I´m in a biking area. Now the bikes here in Argentina as super freaky. For some reason they are all super old and rusty but they get us from A to B. We have a super sweet ward. Our ward mission leader is a capo. We are the only Elders in our ward, so we have a lot of work to be done. 
There are a lot of less-actives in this ward, so our battle plan is contact our less actives and work with them and there friends and family. I´m pretty excited to get to work here. For the past year or so the work has been slow in this area, but I have the faith and diligence to get things going again. 

We had interviews with President Ayre this week. It was great to talk with him and get some advice on our area and the plans he has for us. We got together as a zone for interviews and it was cool to meet every one. It's super hard for every one to get together here in this zone. Every one lives like and hour or more apart from each other haha. 

Today I´m a bit rushed because in the morning I had to do some more visa papers so we spent most of our Pday in traveling back and forth to the offices. An Elder Sweeny who just left, left some things in the offices, so the Office Couple are distributing some of the things out.... and I got Peanut Butter!!! yeah That's right 6 months of looking and I finally get some good old American PB. Lets just say I´m content.

I don´t have my thing to send pics so I´m going to have to send a lot next week! 
I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week! and remember That I am praying for you.
Elder Taylor M. Chriss

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