Monday, July 1, 2013

New President, No Visa!!!

New and Old!  President and Sister Weidman and President and Sister Baker!
    Well the title tells it no visa yet. So I will be here probably until August. This is a little bit of a disappointment but I'm staying cool about all of it. 
    The big news of the week is that we got a new Mission President!!! His name is president Weidman and he is fantastic. He is such a cool man, and he is the 83rd most powerful man in the world so... pretty legit. The real cool thing about this fact is that he gave it all up for 3 years to come and do the things which the Lord asked of him. We got to have a meeting as a zone with him this past Saturday. The first thing as I come up to say hi was, that he gave me a big hug. Now I've had some hugs in my life time but there is something special about getting a hug from your mission President. His wife is also super awesome. She is very sweet and kind. You can just tell that they are excited to be here in LA serving as a Mission President.
    Cool thing Number 2 was in our ward yesterday we had a special missionary meeting.  In the meeting all of us missionaries got up and bore our testimonies/gave a talk about missionary work. We also as a group sang Joseph Smith's First Vision to the tune of Come thou Fount. It was such a cool thing to do for the ward and I loved being able to sing for them. There are ten Elders in that ward so we had quite the group.
    Man the weather is about to kill me.... It is sooooo hot here in Los Angeles, and there is no relief from said hotness. Nobody in this part of town has air conditioning and neither does our apartment. This is a minor complaint that only bothers us when we stop to think about it. So just one more of many motivations to keep busy. 
    We haven't had any new investigators this week which is pretty disappointing, but we are still knockin those doors and helping out our less actives.
    Funny thing with president Baker leaving was one day he was here and the next day he was gone It wasn't a very sad deal because we didn't notice that he left. Just a text saying hey this is President Weidman! Pretty funny. 
    Didn't have the opportunity of doing service this week, I love doing service because it is one of the best ways to spread the gospel. I would rather do service for an investigator for 2 hours than tract for 4 hours. true story....
    Dad I'm so happy every time I get your letters, I miss you so much and just getting those letters lifts my spirit. I hope that you will get a letter soon I wrote one last Monday and finally had the chance to send it this Friday (Darn Busy). I really appreciate all the love you send my way. I promise I will work on getting better at sending letters. keep on sending them.
    And to all my good friends I would love to be able to send you some letters so if you want you can send me and email with you home mailing address and I will try and write you all.
   For my Best and worst of the week. The Best was meeting President Weidman and his wonderful wife. They are great people and I'm excited to get to know them more. And the worst is that my Comp is leaving this transfer so he has hit Trunkey (the want to go home) Fever pretty dang bad and so not much has been going on. One more week of the transfer. But all is good here in the hood.
    Before I leave I want to share a thought. I was reading in the new Conference Ensign, the talk by President Uchtdorf. and It made me think of this City. Where we need to accept that there is darkness in our lives and in the world- but not dwell there.  But also remember that light exists and that is where we choose to dwell. Even though things in this City aren't the brightest doesn't mean we need to dwell there. As missionaries we are to lift the light that is Christ and be the beacon to all that we come in contact. Though we live in a world where darkness is abounding every where we choose to stay positive and dwell in the light. Hope that was good I'm not the most poetic person.
   Well until next week, your missionary in the Los Angeles California mission
Elder Chriss

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