Monday, June 24, 2013


Elder Chriss, Enrique, Elder Marin, and Elder Clawson
Well this was a great week I'd have to say! Yesterday I went to my first baptism of one of my investigators WOOOOOH!  Enrique Got baptized!!!! I got the call on Saturday from my old comp saying that he was getting baptized, then an hour later Elder Clawson (Visa waiter who  came out with me and is in my old area) called and told me that Enrique wanted me to speak at the baptism. 

So I gave the talk on baptism. The talk went way good I think... yet again it was in Spanish so all the people in the audience were probably just smiling to be nice.... but I got smiles!!! It was so cool to have seen the entire process with Enrique, from the time we knocked on the door through all the lessons, to the Visitor Center, and now into the font. It was a great service and I got to see a bunch of members from my old area. Nothing beats watching some one you care soooo much about be baptized.

I loved the broadcast yesterday as well.  I'm sure It was cool for all the people in the MTC to watch it, but for me I thought it was better. Because the call to rally members didn't make sense to me in the MTC, I just thought that's how it worked already. But after being in the field and seeing the difference in the work from member work I got a lot more out of it. 
I'm good with having a Facebook!!! New set of numbers to send in at the end of the week: HOW MANY NEW FRIENDS DO YOU HAVE.... and HOW MANY INVESTIGATOR POKES THIS WEEK. But that was a great broadcast for members and missionaries a like.
I got my new debt card!!! This time I am keeping it away from dogs and small children, anything that likes to put things in their mouths. 

The best/worst part of my week was a service opportunity we had this week.... we cleaned out this ladies jumbo shed. Now this shed was a perfect allegory of our investigators lives. The place was full of junk things that had been thrown in there over years, some not so good magazines, old dvds, video games, tables, lots of wood, old clothes, and deep down a couple of bibles and scriptures. My description can't come close to help you understand how nasty this place was..... but back to my allegory, our investigators lives are like this shed, there are a lot of things can distract them or thing in there past that have built up over time.Things that they wish never came up or happened. But here is were the allegory gets better. All they need to do is call the missionaries! After several hours of cleaning, teaching and baptizing all of those things are gone and forgotten. Through the lord all things can be cleaned and forgiven.

Well I'm out of time, so I will keep you updated on every thing. Still no news on my visa but I will keep you in the loop about that as well.
Stay strong! Love you all!
Elder Chriss
  Elder Chriss and Elder Aguilar who came back to the mission after a month home

Elder Chriss and his companion Elder Winterrose

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