Monday, June 17, 2013

Fixed his speakers and taught him the Restoration!

The Coliseum Zone saying goodbye to President and Sister Baker! 
The CLAM will have a new President starting July 1.

Que paso, mi amigos! 
Well this was a great week! 
Elder Winterrose and I have not had much success in this area when it comes to contacting new investigators, so we decided to focus on part member families and less actives. This direction is working a lot better for this area. The only problem with trying to help reactivate a lot of the people is, they are tricky. A lot of the times they tell us they would love to meet with us, but not now and they will set something up with us on Sunday... and they don't come to church. So we just need to get into the home and talk to them.... darn tricky people.

So far we have had much more success with working with the less actives. So some other great news, our investigator made it to church. Things are moving along. This investigators name is Louis.  He is a very nice man who we tracted into. When we knocked on his door he said he would love to talk but he is trying to fix his speakers.  Elder Winterrose jumped on the opportunity and offered to help. We got in, fixed his speakers, and taught him the restoration. Now after a few attempts we got him to church!

Also, other good news, I received my Patriarchal  Blessing yesterday afternoon from the LA Stake Patriarch. This was a wonderful opportunity and a major blessing. I definitely needed the guidance and the help in this work and that blessing  definitely did the trick. He is going to try and get me the blessing all printed out by this Friday. That blessing is something that I will cherish forever. To any one preparing on going to a mission I highly recommend it before you leave.  I wish I would have.

No news on my visa but that is alright this mission has made me a lot more patient. With families in this area we really only have the Quintana family, they are a part member family who we are working heavily with.

I love all the gift cards you send me  mom I use them as much as I can. We haven't heard anything about our new mission president really other than he is a big time business man with a great testimony. I am also exited to meet my new president in BAN we will see when I do though.

My comp is good. It was not the most exiting of weeks. Just talking to a lot of odd people here. LA has a lot of weird people about. Best part of my week was my Blessing yesterday, and the worst part was only having 2 other lessons this week. 

The work is moving but insanely slow. On the bright side still haven't had to speak in church so far. There are 5 companionships in my ward so even if a missionary does speak I have less of a chance. 

I don't have picture this week I know you love them but I for got my cable today.
Well I love and miss you all!!  Keep me up dated.

Elder Chriss.
P.S: I would love a new wallet because mine was completely destroyed by that dog!!! hahahaha.

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