Monday, June 10, 2013

Dog ate my wallet!!!

Hey everyone, a pretty good week!
All I have to say is this city never ceases to amaze me. Right next to our house is a pretty big apartment complex and I swear there are police going in there all day. Normally bringing some one out. LA Justice.... A little bit down the street from us is the Coliseum for USC and a jumbo museum and science center, very fancy and quite nice. So on one side of us a police bustin hot spot and on the other a nice University and Coliseum. You are not sure what you will find here on a regular day. Some of the things can be broken up into three groups


The biggest group is obviously PEOPLE. If I had a dollar for every drunk I have talked to I would have a lot of dollars. The things people wear are quite odd. Gosh darn sagging pants.

PLACES is a large group as well . There are over 1500 Christian churches in this city. Every where you turn is another church. Most if not all buildings have some type of Graffiti. And a there are a bagililion 99cent stores. 

TRANSPORTATION, there is no constant type of vehicle in this city. In one day I will see a brand new Ferrari, Lambo, and a couple hundred Camaros. And in the same day, I kid you not, a Latino man on a burro (Donkey) selling Tomalis ( the best tasting, you don't understand how good tomalis are until you have bought one off a man on a donkey), People on bikes, bikes with 50 mirrors on the handle bars, and of coarse the cursed... Ice Cream trucks. Now I know what you are thinking what is wrong with Ice cream trucks. the problem with them is they are every where. Always with that darn song. Plus they are not cute little ice cream trucks. These are armored vehicles with a creepy cartoon character on the side. And to tell you the truth... I think they follow us. FACT: there are more Ice cream trucks in Los Angeles than fish in the pacific ocean.

This is just a taste of LA.

So far the investigators in my last area haven't been baptized, but we will have to see. I am really getting to know my new Comp. So far I enjoy every second of hanging out and working with him. I am in LA 6th ward.  Its a pretty small ward but they are all great, we get fed most nights. Not as much as are last area but still a lot.

The best part of the week was a service project we have been doing. We are helping a part member family install a new sprinkler system. And when I say part member I mean Grandma is a member and all of her big family is not. Hna Quintana and her family are fantastic and I love them so much.

Also this was my worst part of my week because as I was working and one of their dogs ate my wallet.... everything inside is alright except my Debit Card has a bite taken out of it. So I do need a new one of those not sure how to go at that but I'm sure we can figure that out.

I love the care package and the brownies were fantastic. 

So all I really know is that as long as I am faithful I will be blessed.   

I just want to let you all know that I know this church is true, that is why I am out here and that is what I am teaching every day. Love you all and I will see you in a few (years).

Love, Elder Chriss

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