Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Temple PDay!!!!!!

Elder Chriss after attending a session at the LA Temple.  
You can tell it is Wednesday because he is wearing his Bro Tie!

Hey all so good to be able to shoot you an Email! Today is Temple P-day so that explains why I am sending this on Wednesday. It was an awesome session, what a beautiful temple!

It's a bit over cast today.... THANK YOU!!! It gets really hot here, not to mention I'm riding around all day in a white shirt and tie. So us missionaries are thankful for the cooler weather. 

I am in a new area this transfer The area is called Cimarron and all I have to say is L.A Ghetto, but I love it here. My new Companion is Elder Winterrose, from Washington State. He is a great Elder, He only has one transfer left of his mission so I am going to learn as much as I can from him. Our apartment is a pretty big apartment nice wood floors big rooms not much in the rooms but very clean. its on a second floor of a complex. 

My new ward I am assigned to is LA 6th ward. its a pretty small ward but we have great members. As in most wards each person has like 2 different callings in the church. But so far I love the ward. Biking in this area isn't bad there aren't very many big streets to worry about and since the main source of transportation is biking for the people in my area, people are used to bikers. My butt always hurts from being on my bike all the time, but I'm okay with it. 

So far the best part of my week was this mornings Temple session, the Los Angeles Temple is huge and so beautiful, inside and out. The worst part of my week was getting chased by a big dog who a little girl opened the door for. SNAP that was terrifying and we got a way bite free. 

I love the music you sent me, mom. I listen to it all the time. Well when I'm not out working. All the food you send me is so great. The muffins made it safe and sound as did the cookies in the pringles can!!! Also thank you for the camera charger it works!!!! 

I have to say that even though this place is incredibly hard, I will never lose hope and keep looking for those who the Lord has prepared. If you want to talk about a hard people, these are it. My zone also covers USC so that can give you a good reference point of where I am. Also I am right next to the "Jungle" for those who know what that is. 

The other day I was pretty down from a day of complete denials.  When I got back to our apartment I had a prompting to read my letter from Doris Armstrong. As I read the letter one phrase stood out to me. "I noticed the hand of the Lord at bringing the missionaries to my small town in England." This stood out to me so much because as a missionary I am being guided by the Lord to bring people unto Christ. We are being guided by our Heavenly Father's hands. 

Though the work is hard and the people's hearts seem harder, I will never give up because I am being guided and I know that this is where I am meant to be. I love you all so much and miss you just as much. Until next week!
Con Amor,
Elder Chriss
Ps - I went and got a doughnut from Randy's in Inglewood right before I left.  The pictures are me at the temple and the last is me and Aldo and his mom the Ramirez family a family in my first area.

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