Monday, July 22, 2013

Last the Best of all the Rest!

Well the big news for Visas waiters is that they all got their visas... Unfortunately I didn't get mine this time around. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty dang bummed out. I got several calls from the other two visa waiting elders in our mission asking if I got mine and on email today it looks like both Elder Hankins and Williams got their visas. I am super happy for them, and excited for the opportunities they will experience. Maybe next week right?

Well this was a great week! The funny thing is as a missionary you come out and you baptize, but me and my Companion are here getting people hitched! That's right we are working our buts off in the attempt to get 2 marriage licenses for our investigators. We are teaching Rocky and Aida, a great family in a pretty tough situation. They love the church and want to be baptized but all they need to do is get married. 
Freddy and Esmerelda are a part-member family and to get Esmereld baptized all she needs to do is get married! We have three baptism dates all waiting on a marriage license haha. They are great families and I'm so lucky to be teaching them. 
When it comes to miracles I haven't had one (that i have seen) this week. One crazy thing this week was that we needed to be in our house by 6 o'clock this past Wednesday. Supposedly there is some rioting going around the city so we all had to be indoors... just in case. But I can promise you that every thing is fine and dandy.(mom) 
I am really enjoying my area, there are a lot more Latinos in this area so I can use my Spanish alot more and almost all the people we talk to speaks Spanish. I love my comp, he is super fun and very positive. 
It's cool to seen Hermana Warner all the time for things. I see here quite a bit since she is in my branch. She seems to be loving her native comp. No weird foods to report as of this transfer but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 
We still run every morning but it is no longer a rule to do so.  As far as music, I would love some Disney music and one song in particular from Andrea Bocelli. its called Libertad! Its my favorite. 
I'm so grateful for this opportunity of serving a mission and to bring the gospel to peoples lives. I pray for all of you and I miss you dearly.
Hopefully a visa will be my next news for you. 
Con Amor
Elder Chriss


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