Monday, July 15, 2013

There and back again, an Elders tale!

Elder Chriss and his new District! Including his friend from Oly Hermana Warner and his new companion Elder Abbott!

Well I am back to the area that I came to for my first day in the mission. If you remember I came out with a one day trainer for a day until President decided who I was do be with. So Elder Chriss is back in Lynwood Southgate 1st branch! 

Well to start things off I have a new comp, Elder Abbot. So far I love the crap out of him! He is fun and he is not... trunky! He has been in this area for 2 transfers so he knows his stuff. This new area is pretty big and again I am in a bike area. We have quite a few members and a ton of less actives. We will definitely be busy this transfer. 

Our apartment is nice and roomy. Luckily Elder Abbott killed all the roaches before I came with traps. So I'm going 3 for 3 on buggless apartments. so that is some positive news. The Branch that I am in is small and it needs some lovin!  It is still a branch and not a ward just because we don't have enough active members. 

Also some pretty cool news Hermana Warner and her companion is in the branch as well, they are white washing their area. Funny thing is that yesterday both Hermana. Warner and I spoke in church.... Man they chose the 2 whitest people in the building to speak in the Spanish branch which I thought pretty funny. I can definitely work on my Spanish, but wow I don't know where the words came from (God obviously). 
We have been doing quite a bit of service in this area its great. 
One thing that I have noticed is that missionaries are no longer tracting in LA as much. After the broadcast we as missionaries are focusing on member work. With all the changes you can't help think "Wow the work is moving along".
We haven't heard anything about recent changes to the mission we just hear things from our President when ever he decides what is best for the mission and we still have our back packs here. 
Mom I love all the care packages that you have been sending to me. If you could send me some Andrea Bocelli that would be fantastic. Also more pictures of family and friends would be great.
For this week my best is my new Comp! I am so lucky to have him as a companion. As for my worst it;s just being away from my family. 
Before I leave y'all, I want to bear my testimony of this Gospel.
Yo se que este iglesia es la iglesia de Dios, Se que Jesucristo es me salvador y la Roca de nuestro Salvacion. Mediente El, podemos vivir con nuestro familias para siempre. "Recodad hijos mios quien es la Roca de nuestro Redentor" El es Cristo. en quien lo debo todo lo.
I love you all and hope to hear from you soon!
Love Elder Chriss
A member from his old area

Some graffiti from his area

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