Tuesday, July 9, 2013

3rd Transfer, 3rd Area, 3rd Companion!

The sweet family that treated the Elders to "The Boiling Crab"!  Thanks for taking good care of my son!

Hey everybody how's it going? 

Well its that time again... Transfers, I will be moving again to an new area. My new area will be North Lynwood with Elder Abbot. I am excited for all the things and experiences that I will have in my new area. I wish that I was staying in Cimarron, just because I want to get to know the families in an area better than I have so far. But we will have to see. It will be interesting to see if I leave for Argentina at the end of this transfer. No more news of coarse about my visa but that's alright I'm needed here for a reason. 

It was weird saying good bye to Elder Winterrose, although I am excited for him to leave and to start his life. He is going to school at BYU Hawaii. 

All I have to say is that a mission is the hardest thing that I have ever done, and all of your love and support really keeps me going. Going from place to place is really hard because I don't have that ward family connection  with any one yet, mainly because I'm moving so much. But I am staying strong and working hard. 
This was a long week. Elder Winterrose had a bigilion things that he had to do before he left so I was just a tag along for most of the week.  This Sunday was great though because we had a Departing Missionary Fireside. This Is a fireside where all the leaving missionaries go up sing and bare there testimonies. It was cool to see all of the missionaries that have given two years of their lives to the Lord. It was also super cool when President Weidman asked the people in the audience who were baptized by one of the missionaries up front to stand. Nearly 20 stood up. It was so cool to see the work of the Lord done by these Elders.
Next week I will tell you all about all of my new stuff (Companion and Area) haven't met him yet....  
For the 4th of July we watched a super big firework show over the USC Coliseum, which is right next to our apartment. It was so cool to watch them from our apartment. The rule for the mission was to be back home by seven 'o clock so we got to watch all of those. 
The members in the ward are fantastic, they feed us mostly every night and I rarely have to cook.  When I do have to cook I usually boil water and cook frozen Ravioli. So my cooking skills aren't needed to bad.
With the new president, he has pretty much thrown out all of the rules that President Baker made. He says that we use our judgment if what we are doing is best for the mission. He told us to just follow the Missionary Handbook. So not to much change. 
Elder Winterrose and Elder Chriss.  Their last dinner before Elder Winterrose heads home!  Good luck Elder! (I think they both went to the same barber where my Marine son-in-law gets his hair cut!)

Best part of the week was one of our families took us to an amazing seafood place last night, I'm not the biggest fan of seafood, but man that was great.. It was called the Boiling Crab. 
The worst part was finding out that I'm moving.... I hate to pack all of my stuff up and leave.  I swear that I leave stuff each time. 
Well I have to go and finish packing I love you all SOOO much especially my MOM.
I will send you a email next week.

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