Monday, May 26, 2014

Temple PDay!

Elder Chriss, Engebretson, and Williams at the Buenos Aires Temple

Well as the title says TEMPLE PDAY! Wow I love the Buenos Aires Temple. It is such a beautiful temple, and the spirit is so strong in there. Every 3 months or so we get the great opportunity to go to the temple and well it's been about three months so it was about time to head on down. But me being up here in the northern zone, we had to leave early to make it to our session. We left our area around 4 in the morning. All I can say is that it was worth it. We got to be in the session with President!
Also while I was there I got to see Elders Engebretsen and Williams so that is a super bonus. Plus several other friends that I haven´t seen in a while. This was a perfect day to top off a great week! Lets just say we are tearing it up. I´m so happy right now.
We are really putting our faith in the Lord and just getting to work, We have been having great success with our members and referral.

Big news is that we are going to have a baptism this week!!! Her name is Adriana, she was a referral from a great member in our ward, and she has a great story. Now she has had a really hard life, always believed in God and has been looking for the truth. The other week she felt that she needed to walk to help her clear her head. When she got to a plaza she felt that she needed to go around the plaza seven times. On her final turn she ran into her good friend (our member). She shared her testimony and set up a time for her to visit with us. She loves the BoM and she is coming along greatly.

This is the last week of the transfer and i´m really hoping to stay here in this area. I am truly loving this place and the people here.
This is all for me this week I hope you all do well and give the missionaries a referral haha.

Elder Taylor Chriss

Elder Chriss and Elder Bywater at the Temple

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