Monday, February 24, 2014

It's startin to get Chilly!

Elder Chriss and Elder Flores having lunch with a recent convert and the cute sister that goes teaching with them.
It's starting to get colder here in Argentina!!!! We still have those super hot days but every once and a while we are feeling some coldness!!! I´m so excited for Winter. 

This was a great week. We are seeing improvements in our área and we are loving it. First off we had two great investigators in church this week, One named Leandro, who said after church "Wow I want to be baptized." I don´t have problems with that. We are working really hard to find all the people that the Lord has prepared in our área.
Talking about being prepared by the Lord, This week I did divisions with the Zone Leaders. I was with E. Odum and we were passing by a lady named Carmen. She is a super sweet lady from Chile. she ownes a Kiosco and has watched the missionaries pass by her shop all the time, never really paying too much atención to them. But after several bad things happening in her life she went into a spiral of depression. When she got the bottom of said spiral of ultimate sadness. ¡Ding dong! two thirsty missionaries wanting to by juice happen to pass by. She started to talk with them and felt the peace that we bring and grabbed on to it. They gave her a Book of Mormon and passed by every day for the next week. Though her eyes hurt each time she reads, she endures through the pain to read her new favorite book. In the misión for a person to be baptized they must have 3 asistences in the church. She only had one. When I went with E. Odum, He asked her a question really powerful " when do you want to get baptized" with out hesitation she said " Este Domingo" So with a call to President she was authorized to be baptized this Sunday. In all of my time on my misión I have never seen a more prepared person for the Gospel. She is a great example for me to "Seize the Gospel" when we find it.
This week was a good week, There isn´t much to say. I´m getting over a pretty bad stomach sickness (Presidents wife is in charge of Health) Hna. Ayre told me to stay away from the wáter completely.... that is hard because every one offers juice made with the wáter here. And I´m regaining my voice which was destroyed due to a bad cough. haha not the best week for my health. But I´m getting a lot better. The work is growing like crazy here in the misión. We are teaching around 2000 lessons with a member present each week! and around 50 baptisms a week.
I´m so grateful for this time in my misión, No matter how hard things are here or at home, this time is worth it. I know that I´m receiving super blessings and all that I love are as well. 

I hope that you are all doing good and hope to hear from you soon!

With lots of Love
Elder Taylor Chriss
  More pictures from Lilian.Elder Chriss sharing a scripture.

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