Monday, February 10, 2014

Temple P-Day!

Today was fantastic! This morning we woke up at 5am and took 3 buses and a train and made it to the 10 o´clock session in the Buenos Aires Temple. It was a long trip but worth it one hundred percent! The temple is actually not that big, but it is beautiful! The place is covered in spires and awesome windows. There is a super cool fountain in front. Now 

The whole thing was in Spanish so that made things a little bit interesting. But it is a great testimony of the spirit that even though I wasn´t able to understand everything completely, I felt such an overwhelming feeling of peace and love. I´m not going to lie this week has been pretty stressful, good but stressful, and the temple helped me a lot to get back on track. 
This week we have been teaching like crazy, looking for new people and talking with as many people as possible. We have several investigators, the only thing in their way is Marriage.... I´ve come half way around the world and one thing that hasn´t changed is trying to get people married so that they can get Baptized.... Ha ha. 
We do have one recent convert that is awesome. Her name is Elisabeth, She is great really nice and is doing great. She lost her husband a year ago to cancer and it was really hard on her family. She has told us that she feels such a great peace in her life when she reads the BoM, I would like to add my testimony that the BoM truly can bring peace to our lives, always. we just need to read it!

This week I also had splits with E. Venegas, one of my Zone Leaders. He is great and we had a great time working in my area. We didn´t have much time to work because we were running all over the place to get some things done. With him I did my first Baptism interview. I was interviewing a man named Ezequiel. Now Ezequiel is a great guy very humble and what's to be part of this Gospel. His past is not the cleanest and had several things that he was repenting for.
Now this being my first interview I tried my hardest to be listening to the spirit to help me do the interview. It has been on of the most spiritual moments ever. Looking at this man with a past and feeling that he was ready to be free from his sins and was ready for baptism. It is such a great feeling to watch as you see people embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives and become better. 

This really makes me think of myself and how if I truly embrace the gospel I can be who the Lord wants me to be and who I need to be. I´m so grateful for all of your prayers and all of your support that you send me.  I do love you all so much and I hope you are doing great.

Con muchisimo Amor 
Elder Taylor M. Chriss

Just found out that today is Hump Day for Elder Chriss!  Exactly one year from today we will be hugging him at the airport!

Extermina Cucarachas!  Goodbye cockroaches!

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  1. So wonderful to read his letters and love that he sends home pictures. Aaron would be so jealous to know they get to the temple down there. Just leave the spiders and cockroaches there do NOT bring them home!!