Monday, February 3, 2014

Pablo Nogues

Another tender mercy!!! I received a friend request from Lilian Graciela. She let me know that she lives in the neighborhood where Elder Chriss is serving, her husband is Bishop Godoy in Taylor's new ward! She took this picture of him and Elder Flores yesterday. They will have lunch with them every Sunday!

Hey all!!! I hope that everything is going great. Things here are awesome. 

My new area is huge! It's just full of fields and we haven´t even been to the other half of my area. It's like a mix between a villa and a farm. The people are really humble despite their situations. Our ward is pretty small only about 35 active members in church each week.... We are going to work on helping bring back those lost sheep. 

Our Pension is full of Cockroaches. Lets just say that I bought a lot of raid and cleaned like crazy in the pension. It's been awhile since any one cleaned anything. We live out side of our area so every day we have to take a bus to get into our area. 

The bus passes every 45 minutes so it's a little tricky and it takes about 1 hour to get there on foot. Me and my comp are working hard, We aren´t the most compatible but I´m doing my best to fix that.
This week we have been working a lot with investigators, I´m wanting to start by helping the less active a bit more. It's just sad when each person in the ward has like 2 callings. But I´m loving this place. The Bishop is great and is really willing to help us out here. 

My first week as a district leader went well.  I have to make calls each night to every one in my district, so bye bye to resting after nightly planning. I have 3 companionships in my district and they are all awesome elders. I´m definitely learning that prayer is the best thing in the world. I definitely can´t do this whole leader thing with out my Heavenly Fathers help!

We had a Zone meeting this week which was awesome, learned about being missionaries that live the higher law. Doing more than is asked of you. And at the end of the meeting our leaders told us that we will be going to the temple this up coming P-Day!!! I´m so excited to go to the temple. It's been way to long since I´ve been there. And the cool thing is that I will be going on the day one year before I return home. Talk about a boost to work harder. 

I´m doing good and I love the weather right now (cloudy) so it's all good here in BA!! I hope that you are all doing well. I love hearing from you and I hope You have a good week. 

Espero que tienen un semana de diez!!!

Lots of love!
Elder Chriss

Playing Soccer in front of Elefante Blanco

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